I ate : Balinese food @ Ole Ole Bali

Ole ole Bali has been around for quite some time now. It has always sat in a high position on my must-try places but the price has seem to hold me back each time im thinking about going there.But in the good spirit of friend's birthday's budget always seems to be the least of our concerns. First impressions of this restaurant gives a strong vibe of a beach side resort with is warm colours, wooden furniture's,dim lightings and antiques with a strong balinese influence. Perfect for a romantic evening but not the most ideal condition for taking pictures.

Being fully booked on a odd weekday is always a good sign of a healthy eatery so i had to pester myself to go early to secure a nice table on the terrace of the restaurant.

Seeing that it was the first time there for most of us we were advised to share some of the dishes among ourselves to be able to have a wide variety of choice. To start off we had a jug of barley lime which was shared among the 5 of us and this version of barley lime seemed some how highly refreshing as compared to those served in chinese coffeehouses.

First up was the ole ole trio which was a starter dish with a nice spread of fish satay on lemongrass, grilled chicken wings, prawns and deep fried calamari which was definetly big enough to qualify as a main course. The satay here was the main stand out for me, very fragrant and fresh.

As our main course we ordered nasi campur which comes with a choice of chicken( beef or lamb) accompanied with rice, awesome grilled squid and fish and insiginificant serving of kangkung belacan. I'd reckon on a good day i would be able to wallop the whole portion solo.

Since there was 5 of us sharing we went for another entrée, siap menpanggang which came with half a chicken which was nicely marinated with lemongrass, traditional crackers and nasi kuning. Which was slightly cheaper than the other 2 dishes.

Probably the only thing holding me back from frequenting this place more often would be the price which averages around RM 30 a dish. But for good service and authentic food its hard to argue eh?


Ole Ole Bali
Sunway Pyramid, Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
ob-1c, ground floor main entrance
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