I ate: Banana Leaf Rice @ KKB

Seeing that most shop houses or buildings in KKB for that matter came to rise circa 1970's the food offered in this small quaint town follows suit with the styling of the buildings around serving basic, simple food in a rustic setting. Probably being one of the more outstanding and modern eatery around KKB would be Indian Village restaurant which boasts serving chettinad cuisine in a more modern setting which actually has an airconditioned room at the back of the restaurant for their diners comfort.

Unlike the other regular establishments of banana leaf rice in Kl like Sri Nirwana's, Kana's and Raju's just to name a few this restaurant exercises a self-service concept. To a certain extend i believed that it has crossed over with nasi kandar apart from the novelty of it being served on a banana leaf. Seeing that they're open only for lunch hours it's assured that the food served is freshly made. Various fares offered are the regular mix of curries from fish, chicken, mutton and some vegetables and of course home made yoghurt.

I opted for their mutton curry which was cooked very well, tender and a nice mix of various curry broth going around with my rice which was very rich and savoury.

As for the price, as i can recall it ended up being around Rm 8-10 inclusive of drinks and 2 portions of vegetables and a serving of mutton which is very reasonable for banana leaf standards as they arent the cheapest choice of food around.

This was definetly good enough to have me fold my banana leaf top down indicating that the food was good and i'll be looking foward to my next time round.


Its located directly opposite the Hailam restaurant.
No 11, Jalan Mat Kilau, Kuala Kubu Baru

I ate: Hailam food @KKB

Set in the sleepy town of Kuala Kubu Baru untainted by time Restaurant Sun Sun Nam Cheong is said to have served generations of its residents of this small city town. Walking into this simple rustic restaurants sets your mood back to probably 20 years behind time. Focusing on a small menu serving traditional hailam food and local food to serve the local people mainly dominated by the malay population this small eatery serves halal food.

Being in a hailam restaurant which exudes a mood of authenticity i ordered the quintessential Malaysian western dish of Chicken Chop. A very simple dish served with Worcester sauce as its base the very tender piece of chicken was cooked well with onions accompanied with a side serving of peas and fries went really well. And probably the best part of the dish for me was the steamed hailam bread with melted butter on its surface which was then topped with a gently poached egg. Two thumbs up for that!

Other notable fares include hailam mee which is the signature dish of this shop and its fried rice which was fragrant, simple and very well done which could have easily taken on any upper class bistro's in other bigger towns.

Overall the food was decent for KKB seeing that you dont actually get alot of food around its town area. In a small town like this prices a really reasonable with the chicken chop being the most expensive dish on the menu at RM 10 would probably be a good point to patronize this small eatery the next time round. Probably breakfast here would be a good idea for some authentic steam hailam bread and kaya or perhaps a nice cup of traditional hailam coffee.

Heck they'd even set dodgy looking partitions to give some privacy to their diners. How 70's is that?


Sun Sun Nam Cheong
8, Jalan Mat Kilau
Kuala Kubu Bahru

Sun You Eats: Yi Kee Roast goose @ Cheras

Goose meat has always been closely associated to upper class restaurants and food served in major dining events. As for those who have a long standing affection for this variation of meat there isnt that many places around serving it apart from upper class chinese restaurants as far as i know of. But this particular restaurant presents itself as more of a basic chinese restaurant serving downright honest chinese food which includes the slightly rarer fare of goose meat.

Since we went off the lunch peak hour the service was pretty brisky even though we ordered a relatively sizeable amount of meat for the 5 of us. They offered a wide variety of meat other than their famed goose including steamed chicken, roast pork (siu yuk) which of course we didnt skip out on and a few other seasonal variations offered on weekends.

It was a no brainer that we had to order their roast duck and goose. The roast duck was cooked well, slightly above average without too much fat under the skin,crispy and most importantly no signs of any gamey smell insight. Where as the glistering roast goose was slightly meatier compared to the duck, tasty and not dry. Both the duck and goose went well with their authentic home made sweet plum sauce and their own chilli concoction which definitely was good enough for me.

We also did branch out a little and decided to give their siu yuk a go. This wasnt very significant after having tried both the duck and goose meat but its worth a try if you'd had to have a nice touch of pork in your meat platter.

Dining in a group of 5 has always been an advantage when trying new places as you'd be able to sample a wide array of dishes in a new place which proved evident in this situation and most importantly cost effective too as we paid Rm 15 a person which was a pretty reasonable price considering that goose meat doesn't come cheap.


Restaurant Yi Kee
(its located directly opposite UCSI along the taman connaught highway)
223, Jalan Sarjana,
Taman Connaught,
Cheras,Kuala Lumpur
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