I ate: Banana Leaf Rice @ KKB

Seeing that most shop houses or buildings in KKB for that matter came to rise circa 1970's the food offered in this small quaint town follows suit with the styling of the buildings around serving basic, simple food in a rustic setting. Probably being one of the more outstanding and modern eatery around KKB would be Indian Village restaurant which boasts serving chettinad cuisine in a more modern setting which actually has an airconditioned room at the back of the restaurant for their diners comfort.

Unlike the other regular establishments of banana leaf rice in Kl like Sri Nirwana's, Kana's and Raju's just to name a few this restaurant exercises a self-service concept. To a certain extend i believed that it has crossed over with nasi kandar apart from the novelty of it being served on a banana leaf. Seeing that they're open only for lunch hours it's assured that the food served is freshly made. Various fares offered are the regular mix of curries from fish, chicken, mutton and some vegetables and of course home made yoghurt.

I opted for their mutton curry which was cooked very well, tender and a nice mix of various curry broth going around with my rice which was very rich and savoury.

As for the price, as i can recall it ended up being around Rm 8-10 inclusive of drinks and 2 portions of vegetables and a serving of mutton which is very reasonable for banana leaf standards as they arent the cheapest choice of food around.

This was definetly good enough to have me fold my banana leaf top down indicating that the food was good and i'll be looking foward to my next time round.


Its located directly opposite the Hailam restaurant.
No 11, Jalan Mat Kilau, Kuala Kubu Baru


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