I ate: Betty's Midwest Kitchen

In the unending search for all things pork which has so far came out with mixed results in places like nambawan being a particular high point. But the latest location of porcine good enough to be verified as a shrine of pork-ness would be Betty's midwest kitchen in the bustling neighborhood of Aman Suria. A nice quaint restaurant that made its name with good food and plenty of publicity in the blogosphere.

So yes this place has been blogged to death but there probably is a good reason for this happening. PORK. One of the three pleasures in life after beer and sex. Not siu yuk or char siew but done in a rustic and savory way influenced by America's culinary heritage rarely seen outside the midwest (Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Dakota just to name a few).

Let the onslaught of pork begin, but just before that lets drink the proper American way with Thomas Kemper's root beer. The only other place i have ever seen this would be Bangsar Grocer at Bangsar Village. Fancy ice-cream with it? So go for a float. Duh!

Appetizers BACON strips!(in an epic meal time fashion) deep fried bacon strips and rolled inside a cocktail pork sausage(pigs in a blanket) thats a blanket that i'd like to curl up in every night. The smell coming off it was absolutely glorious.

Another nice american classic which we rarely seen here would be dog food. Not the type that you'd be willing to share with your canine buddy but crinkle cut fries doused with plenty of that savoury home gravy then topped with cheese. Total Bliss.

Is it just me or do we notice that pork shoulder being an underrated cut on our menu. It has an amazing unctuous and nice bite for a texture to it. Boston Butt as this is called is basically taking this cut of meat then baptizing it in beer (BLOODY SMART!) before grilling it and served with its own juices. Even the peas taste like the way my mum does it.

Meatloaf! not the american heavy rocker but the dish which im guessing Meatloaf took his name from. Moist mince pork loosely held together baked in a terrine served with mash potatoes and peas. Another comfort food which never fails to please.

Juicy Lucy/ Jucy Lucy still a matter of controversy as to which is the correct spelling to it( if your looking for the fully story here's the link. A classic dish hailing from Minneapolis. Basically thick pork patty with melted cheese in the centre. Even the description of it whet's your appetite.

For the less adventurous theres the classic pork chop. But done in a Charleston way. Perfectly grilled pork chop topped with home gravy.

To turn off from pork pork pork pork pork turn to Apple crumble and bread pudding. Its the first time for me having this in a restaurant which gives you a happy feeling after having desert. Its not too sweet and the price is just right for me.

So looks like american food isnt frickin Mc donalds/ Tony Roma's/ TGI mcfunsters its honest homely cooking like this that people fail to recognize and American's want to preach.


A-G-40, Jalan PJU 1/43
Aman Suria Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

03-7880-0196 (Try to make reservations before going. only valid for weekdays)

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