Gay Bacon Strips!

Apologies for the lack of blog posts. Exams just round the corner, intense stress and drowned in a pile of notes and hours of studies to catch up. But i did manage to spare a few minutes to watch a few youtube videos worth mentioning. Heard of EpicMealTime ? IF not they're a crazy bunch of guys up in Canada doing real serious crazy shit with the food they make.

As mad as some of their recipes sound but underneath it employs the very basic dynamics of cooking in the preparations of their epic meals. So it isnt just all crap bolted together with layer after layer of bacon. One of my true favourites would be fast food lasagna where they ordered 15 burgers from each fast food outlet and combined it together forming 70k worth of calories! How epic's that????

Anyways i stumbled upon a sweet confectionary which i think was similar to the ones used in one of their more recent videos. The guys at EMT are famous for using bacon (alot of it) in every single meal that they prepare. After watching a few video's you'd understand. But this video's meal was made purely out of candies so they substituted bacon with what they called Gay Bacon Strip but it isnt a sexually disorientated porcine form of candy but just a name given by the EMT guys to fruit strips with a different layer of flavours.
Gay Bacon Strips in action! Lots of 'em!

They even made a FB page for it as a spin off.
I found this particular candy in my local tuck shop on campus grounds. Not too sure if i have ever seen it in hypermarkets though. Its called sour power by Fascini. As the name says it, its has a really sour coating with some form of powder(similar to what you'd find on those sour skittles) and after a few bites you'd be able to taste different flavours of sweetness. Im guessing green apple, strawberry, blue berry and a few other flavours.

Damn gotta cut down on watching youtube vids and get back to studies. Proper food posts will resume after my exams early next month. Till then!

Epic Candy diabetes inducing meal! watch it!


Nava.K said...

The internet is a great distraction these day, esp even facebook and I am one of them also.

Ronaldmohoni said...


Brian said...

Nava.K: haha sometimes a little too much for me.
Ronaldmohoni: oh yes it is!

Fred said...

Another thing i liked about that episode was the "dripping that chocolate sauce" moment. ;P

Anonymous said...

actually gay bacon strips are AirHeads Xtremes Sweetly Sour Belts. juss sayin'.

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