Banana Leaf Lunch for charity!

Every so often charity drives for different causes and pledge comes knocking on our doors for donation or as they put it these days "token of appreciation". Sometimes its actually hard for us to differentiate between genuine ones and the less than charitable efforts. But then again it comes down to a matter of us knowing how to rationalise between the two finding the barrier between the lesser of the two evils. Last week i did manage to make it a point to support some of our batchmates who were the organizing comittee who came up with Banana Leaf Lunch as a part of the Indian Holi Week celebration. Which is suppose to be something like Sri Lankan's new year as i was told.

This idea of Banana Leaf brought to uni at a cost of RM10 for non veggies took my full attention as it was suggested to me. Damn good deal it is!
Not the usual people you'd see serving your banana leaf meal to you eh?

Even by the looks of it, it kicks the hell out of the everyday cafeteria food and fare offered by the roadside stalls.

Really did enjoy myself and kudos to the organizing committee for a successful event. MMm wondering if its possible to actually have banana leaf caterers full time in uni....


Venusa said...

charity is love!

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