Sun You Eats Lunch: Yang Kee's Beef noodles, OUG

Following the 2 previous notes of Hong Cha and Ah Loy curry mee comes another must visit restaurant in the OUG territory. In the previous outing to Hong Cha, mighty driver and I managed to identify another restaurant which is Yang Kee which only opens for lunch hours. Having a rare opportunity to go out for lunch today it was only natural that Mighty driver, Little boy and I tried out Yang Kee's beef noodles.

Yang Kee's beef noodles comes in different variations with it such as wantan, pork balls or beef balls. Other items offered includes yong taufu with comes at Rm 1 per piece and their famous beef brisket with radish. I went for their kon lou noodles which came with thin egg noodles ressembling noodles used in hakka mee instead of the usual thicker egg noodles. The soup that i had came complete with beef slices,tripe and tendon which was tender giving a comfortable feeling as it breaks into bits in your mouth. And of course the beef balls which had a strong peppery taste with a springy texture.

I personally found the minced beef and their noodles to be just mediocre as compared to the regular beef noodles that i have from Petaling Street. But the dish that i enjoyed the most would be their beef brisket which was came packed with a strong beef flavour and a subtle hint of radish which went well together.

Coming to a total of Rm 8.30 including drinks and beef brisket which was shared among the 3 of us i strongly recommend Yang Kee as a good alternative for lunch apart from not-so-decent food around imu.

Restaurant Yang Kee,
52, Jalan Hujan Rahmat 2,
Taman Overseas Union Garden (OUG),
58200 Kuala Lumpur

Its located on the same row as Stevens Corner.

Sun You Eats: Cao Cao Grilled Lamb

Yes the sweet taste of success! This was the second attempt in finding the famed Cao Cao grilled lamb in Kuchai Lama. The easiest point of reference in finding Cao Cao Grilled lamb would be Wisma FGA which is a stand alone building which is close to Jalan Sawi where Cao Cao is located.
wisma FGA

With Mighty driver, Little boy and island girl in tow we ordered 2 pieces of grilled lamb to share and we had our own main dishes. Apart from grilled lamb you would be able to find stalls selling wantan mee, porridge, prawn noodles and a few others. I personally went for the pork intestine porridge which was nothing short of satisfying. Being a self-confessed-sucker for pork intestine, this bowl of porridge sent me over the roof with its pork intestines being deep fried to perfect crunchy-ness before being placed together with the porridge. The bowl of goodness also came with pork liver which was fresh and bits of centurian egg.

The lamb was grilled to perfection, while retaining the juciness of the meat as well as carrying a distinct flavour only made available through grilling. The meat came complete with mint sauce and chilli sauce. At Rm 8 a piece it undoubtedly puts some upper class grill restaurants to shame with its price and quality.

With a bowl of lychee kang to accompany my dinner, Jalan Sawi hawker stalls sure did make its way into my good books.


Cao Cao Grilled Lamb
Jalan Sawi,
Kuchai Lama, Kuala Lumpur

GPS0309116, 10167616

Sun You Eats: Hong Cha Seafood noodles, OUG

After two occasions where i missed my chances on having Hong Cha's famed seafood noodles i finally got down to it! Why it seems much like a covert operations you may wonder, it started off between me and mighty driver talking on fb about going back for Cao Cao one more time and the next location in OUG for beef noodles and Yong Taufu so the discussion eventually led to the question of dinner.

What else could be more satisfying than a nice bowl of Seafood noodle soup on a cold sunday evening in hong cha....

Service was good,the waiters take your orders from a PDA (not too bad from an old school coffee shop huh!) and when my seafood noodle arrived ,it came with a distinct smell of mixed seafood consisting of squid, fish cake, prawns,and seaweed which was gladly welcomed by my tastebuds. The soup even though slight salty, it was rich and tasty which went well with the various ingredients. I had mine in the noodle variation just the way i like it! Of course a visit to Hong Cha wouldnt be complete without asking for a side serving of pork lard to go with your soup. The bill came at Rm 8 for a large portion of seafood noodle.

With a good first impression Hong Cha has got me asking for more! will try the pork noodles next.


Restaurant Hong Cha
No 7, Jalan Hujan Rahmat 3,
OUG, 58200 Kuala Lumpur

Sun You Food Adventure #1 (Ah Loy Curry Mee, OUG)

Yah i know we were bragging about hoping to go to Hong Cha to check out its unlimited pork-goodness but when we arrived it wasnt open so naturally we opted for the next best thing Ah Loy's curry mee.

Ah Loy being just a stone throw away from our regular Steven's corner presents itself as an air-cond style coffee shop with al-fresco setting on the outside. Parking maybe a little bit of a hassle like all good food places so WJ be patient like u always are eh?. With Island gal, Little boy, mighty driver and myself we ordered 4 different variations of curry mee. Between us we had Curry chicken, Curry fish head, Curry pork ribs and seafood curry which i opted for.

Both the chicken and pork rib came with a similar soup base which was thicker than the two seafood variations which was just as good. Mine came with a generous portion of prawns, cockles, taufu pok, crab stick, squid and even mushrooms! I had mine with noodles but you could ask for bee hoon or other variations offered. The soup that came with it was slightly watery compared to the pork and chicken ones the best part about it was the sweet prawn taste which was infused with it that made it all the more special! The best part of the meal was drinking the curry sauce from the prawn head!

Totalling at Rm 9.30 inclusive of drinks which makes it RM8 i couldnt be happier, its certainly worth the price you would pay for what you'd get!


Restaurant Ah Loy
No 11, 13 Jalan Hujan Rahmat 3
Taman Overseas Union
Off Jalan Klang Lama , Kuala Lumpur
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