Sun You Food Adventure #1 (Ah Loy Curry Mee, OUG)

Yah i know we were bragging about hoping to go to Hong Cha to check out its unlimited pork-goodness but when we arrived it wasnt open so naturally we opted for the next best thing Ah Loy's curry mee.

Ah Loy being just a stone throw away from our regular Steven's corner presents itself as an air-cond style coffee shop with al-fresco setting on the outside. Parking maybe a little bit of a hassle like all good food places so WJ be patient like u always are eh?. With Island gal, Little boy, mighty driver and myself we ordered 4 different variations of curry mee. Between us we had Curry chicken, Curry fish head, Curry pork ribs and seafood curry which i opted for.

Both the chicken and pork rib came with a similar soup base which was thicker than the two seafood variations which was just as good. Mine came with a generous portion of prawns, cockles, taufu pok, crab stick, squid and even mushrooms! I had mine with noodles but you could ask for bee hoon or other variations offered. The soup that came with it was slightly watery compared to the pork and chicken ones the best part about it was the sweet prawn taste which was infused with it that made it all the more special! The best part of the meal was drinking the curry sauce from the prawn head!

Totalling at Rm 9.30 inclusive of drinks which makes it RM8 i couldnt be happier, its certainly worth the price you would pay for what you'd get!


Restaurant Ah Loy
No 11, 13 Jalan Hujan Rahmat 3
Taman Overseas Union
Off Jalan Klang Lama , Kuala Lumpur


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