Sun You Eats: Hong Cha Seafood noodles, OUG

After two occasions where i missed my chances on having Hong Cha's famed seafood noodles i finally got down to it! Why it seems much like a covert operations you may wonder, it started off between me and mighty driver talking on fb about going back for Cao Cao one more time and the next location in OUG for beef noodles and Yong Taufu so the discussion eventually led to the question of dinner.

What else could be more satisfying than a nice bowl of Seafood noodle soup on a cold sunday evening in hong cha....

Service was good,the waiters take your orders from a PDA (not too bad from an old school coffee shop huh!) and when my seafood noodle arrived ,it came with a distinct smell of mixed seafood consisting of squid, fish cake, prawns,and seaweed which was gladly welcomed by my tastebuds. The soup even though slight salty, it was rich and tasty which went well with the various ingredients. I had mine in the noodle variation just the way i like it! Of course a visit to Hong Cha wouldnt be complete without asking for a side serving of pork lard to go with your soup. The bill came at Rm 8 for a large portion of seafood noodle.

With a good first impression Hong Cha has got me asking for more! will try the pork noodles next.


Restaurant Hong Cha
No 7, Jalan Hujan Rahmat 3,
OUG, 58200 Kuala Lumpur


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