Sun You Eats: Cao Cao Grilled Lamb

Yes the sweet taste of success! This was the second attempt in finding the famed Cao Cao grilled lamb in Kuchai Lama. The easiest point of reference in finding Cao Cao Grilled lamb would be Wisma FGA which is a stand alone building which is close to Jalan Sawi where Cao Cao is located.
wisma FGA

With Mighty driver, Little boy and island girl in tow we ordered 2 pieces of grilled lamb to share and we had our own main dishes. Apart from grilled lamb you would be able to find stalls selling wantan mee, porridge, prawn noodles and a few others. I personally went for the pork intestine porridge which was nothing short of satisfying. Being a self-confessed-sucker for pork intestine, this bowl of porridge sent me over the roof with its pork intestines being deep fried to perfect crunchy-ness before being placed together with the porridge. The bowl of goodness also came with pork liver which was fresh and bits of centurian egg.

The lamb was grilled to perfection, while retaining the juciness of the meat as well as carrying a distinct flavour only made available through grilling. The meat came complete with mint sauce and chilli sauce. At Rm 8 a piece it undoubtedly puts some upper class grill restaurants to shame with its price and quality.

With a bowl of lychee kang to accompany my dinner, Jalan Sawi hawker stalls sure did make its way into my good books.


Cao Cao Grilled Lamb
Jalan Sawi,
Kuchai Lama, Kuala Lumpur

GPS0309116, 10167616


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