Sun You Eats Lunch: Yang Kee's Beef noodles, OUG

Following the 2 previous notes of Hong Cha and Ah Loy curry mee comes another must visit restaurant in the OUG territory. In the previous outing to Hong Cha, mighty driver and I managed to identify another restaurant which is Yang Kee which only opens for lunch hours. Having a rare opportunity to go out for lunch today it was only natural that Mighty driver, Little boy and I tried out Yang Kee's beef noodles.

Yang Kee's beef noodles comes in different variations with it such as wantan, pork balls or beef balls. Other items offered includes yong taufu with comes at Rm 1 per piece and their famous beef brisket with radish. I went for their kon lou noodles which came with thin egg noodles ressembling noodles used in hakka mee instead of the usual thicker egg noodles. The soup that i had came complete with beef slices,tripe and tendon which was tender giving a comfortable feeling as it breaks into bits in your mouth. And of course the beef balls which had a strong peppery taste with a springy texture.

I personally found the minced beef and their noodles to be just mediocre as compared to the regular beef noodles that i have from Petaling Street. But the dish that i enjoyed the most would be their beef brisket which was came packed with a strong beef flavour and a subtle hint of radish which went well together.

Coming to a total of Rm 8.30 including drinks and beef brisket which was shared among the 3 of us i strongly recommend Yang Kee as a good alternative for lunch apart from not-so-decent food around imu.

Restaurant Yang Kee,
52, Jalan Hujan Rahmat 2,
Taman Overseas Union Garden (OUG),
58200 Kuala Lumpur

Its located on the same row as Stevens Corner.


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