Loh Mee @ Restaurant Sun Ho, OUG

Another place to look out for in OUG during lunch hours would be Restaurant New Sun Ho which is located at a corner lot famous for their Loh Mee. Today's luncheon ended up as a late lunch as we left for lunch at only 0115 pm. And in today's note i would like to introduce to you a new character of the Sun You gang apart from the regular mighty driver,island gal and little boy. Some say she's bisexual (hmm) while others say dance flows through her veins everybody ms LopeZ! anyways back to the usual program.

Since we arrived late most of the stalls were already closing so all 5 of us ended up ordering Loh Mee. Sun Ho's loh mee stall is located in the front of the coffeeshop operated by a husband and wife combo. The loh mee offered here comes in different variation of noodles such as yee mee but i opted for their signature home made "fat noodles". The soup that came with the Loh Mee wasnt too thick and starchy and it came with a hard boiled egg. The trick to it would be to add vinegar to the soup and stir it well giving a similar taste of shark fin soup.

Another interesting pointer to note from Sun Ho would be the '3 layer tea offered', for those of you who might be wondering wth is a 3 layer tea, its basically just regular tea with a 3 layer appearance due to the different densities of the liquid added on top of one another giving a 3 layer appearance. The top most layer would be regular Teh Ais without any sugar added, followed by a layer of condensed milk and the 3rd and bottom most layer filled with brown sugar according to mighty driver ( i always thought that it was gula melaka). And yah its supposedly originated from Kuching.

n Kuching we'd call it '3 layer teh c peng' but when i asked one of the workers what i was called it ended up sounding like 'Sum Si' or something like that. I never actually ordered 3 layer teh c peng in west m'sia but the one in Sun Ho wasnt too sweet that it was an overkill after the 3 layers are mixed, while still being able to retain the strong tea aroma just the way i like it! Oh yes one pointer, do mix the 3 layers well before drinking instead of drinking it straight from the bottom, as funny as it sounds i have seen people drinking the brown sugar layer just like that and coming off with a strange look of hyperglycaemia moments later.


Restoran New Sun Ho, (opposite OUG market)
Jalan Hujan Rahmat,
Overseas Union Garden,
58200 Kuala Lumpur.


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