Sun You Eats: Pork Noodles at Restaurant Promander, SS15 Subang

I finally got a chance to try the infamous Restaurant Pomander, SS15 pork noodles after hearing good words about it from MD. This pork noodle stall has build itself a reputation for having to wait for 30 minutes to one hour to be served. Its best to avoid eating during peak hours and most of its patrons came prepared with newspapers and so were we with our notes!

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After a 45 minute wait i had already got myself thinking that this must be some really good pork noodles. Soon it all became clear after taking a first sip of its soup, it was savoury and sweet yummy-licious good!. Instinct tells me that the soup was prepared using pork bones and meat. At Rm 5.50 for a large bowl it comes with a good fix of pork liver, intestine and pork slices. As usual i opted for the yellow noodle version(i feel im being a little predictable here) anyways MD ordered his one with an additional egg for an extra Rm0.50.

Dont be put off by the long waiting time after going through it i assure you every single minute was worth the wait! Hey if some people could wait hours long for the release of iphone 4 what's that compared to waiting for awesome-licious pork noodles eh?

Restoran Pomander 78,
Jalan SS15/4B,
Subang Jaya


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