Sun You Eats: Tim Kee Chicken Rice @ Sri Petaling

Chicken rice has always played a big part of my diet in my younger days. Being a relatively simple dish there isnt that many points to look out for, but these few essential points makes a world of difference between a good and a bad one. One particular chicken rice joint executes all these points perfectly. Located opposite Sri Petaling hotel, Tim Kee has made its name with its original branch in Taman Connaught for its steamed white chicken with both regular and kampung chicken.

Among the four of us we ordered its famed steam white chicken, char siew and siu yuk as well as an accompanying plate of bean sprouts. Like most good chicken rice restaurants Tim Kee offered pretty good chilli and garlic paste. But i'd prefer to have my chilli with a little bit more punch of spiciness in it.

The chicken was really pleasant and lean without having to penetrate multiple layers of underlying fat to reach its meat layer. And the skin had a really pleasant yellow tone to it which i absolutely adored. The char siew was sweet and savoury and siu yuk had sufficient level of crunchiness to please my tastebuds. It was good but i'd rather order more of the steam chicken the next time round. The bean sprouts provided a good balance of juciness to the crunchy texture of the meat completing the meal perfectly.

Seeing that we ordered portions for four people in both chicken and mixed roast pork the bill came to a very reasonable Rm 10 a person including drinks. Being one of the more decent eateries around the Sri petaling area it would be seeing more of me in the near future.


Kedai Nasi Ayam Tim Kee,
65, Jalan Radin Anum 1,
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
57000, Kuala Lumpur


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