Ming Tien Food Court

If you'd know me long enough you would know that im not much of a supper type of person to the extend that my friends came up with some form of statistics saying that i would only appear in 1/10 supper sessions. But today was an exception when Pepper made an offer to try some place new, "Err we're going some place in Taman Megah" I snapped "Ming Tien ah????, wait let me get my cam!". For those noobs that dont know the fame of Ming tien, its in SS24, Pj and i can safely say its one of the biggest food courts around kl which operates 24 hours.

On the journey there i had my mind set on trying their elusive deep fried lychee and cuttle fish kang kung. When we arrives most of the stalls were closed by then. Since i didnt want to have a heavy meal i went for hokkien mee in search for the much needed pork fix of the week. The portion was decent for a small plate and it came with an abundance of chee yuk char but what it lacked was the 'wok hei' essence so i'll just put it off as average.

Island gal and Lopez ordered herbal soup mee sua with duck meat which looked pretty decent. Both of them unanimously agrees that the mee sua was cooked nicely giving it a nice smooth and springy texture without being too soft having it stick together but the soup lacked that extra herbal kick. I dare not challenge their tastebuds!

The most promising of the night would be Pepper which ordered Sarawak noodles which looked right by my standards. Its called Sarawak hand made noodles which is an equivalent to the famed kolo mee from Sarawak. Everything about this dish is cooked and made with pork where the noodles are cooked in pork lard then topped with minced pork and a few slices of char siew and for those enjoy their greens, it comes with spring onions.For those who have never set foot on the Land Of Hornbills this is as close as it gets to the real stuff!

And not forgetting the obligatory taiwanese sausages which is a must when visiting Ming Tien. We didnt get to the level of super spicy this time tho but we will the next round!

Other items to lookout for the during a visit to Ming Tien would be of course Deep Fried Lychee(yes i know it may sound wierd), Cuttle fish with kangkung, waffles,dumplings and of course Sarawak Noodles.Though not the best first visit, it has got me thinking about the second round to go for their deep fried lychee!


Ming Tien Hawker Center
Jalan SS24/8,
Taman Megah,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor


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