I ate: Fatty Frog Porridge, OUG

If there was one dish that Singapore would be famous for it would be their glorious Geylang Lorong 9 Frog leg porridge. But not everyone has the luxury of time and money to venture all the way down to Singapore to get a bowl of frog legs. So after reading up a little on this dish i realised that we actually have this delicacy served in our own backyard. Located on the corner lot at the same row as Steven's Corner pass the dodgy snooker complex it isn't tough to spot as on normal days you would be able to see tables and chairs deployed at the roadside.

This steamed fish head stall seems to be pretty busy as well. Should probably give it a try next time round.

Between myself and MD we ordered one pot of Kung Pow Frog Leg and Plain porridge. Do expect to wait for about 10 minutes as like all good porridge they are made to order. From spying other tables, one other popular dish frequently ordered here would be the steam fish head which comes from the stall next to Fatty Frog porridge.

The porridge is done just the way i like it, with a thick and gooey texture along with a smooth feel to it and of course topped with sesame oil. There are a few choices of porridges offered here with various seafood but their centurian egg version looks appetizing. The next claypot that arrived was our kung pow frog which was cooked with lots of dry chilli, birds eye chilli,ginger and onion leaves. The frog meat was sweet, springy and tender without a "gamey" smell to it. Unlike regular kung pow dishes, frog leg ala kung pow served at Fatty Frog Porridge was cooked till the sauce clinged to the meat ensuring that you can really enjoy the meat along with a spicy kick to it. Total Delight!

The trick to really enjoying your frog leg porridge kung pow style would be to flood your porridge with kung pow sauce for that extra oomph especially on your plain porridge. At the end of it both of us were sweating buckets but was definitely satisfied. One more good food location flagged!


Fatty Frog Porridge
Jalan Hujan Rahmat Dua,
OUG, Jalan Kelang Lama,
58200, Kuala Lumpur


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