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One of the most blogged mamak's around PJ would be William's with google search returning with over 30 results i cant actually think of another mamak stall that can beat that number other than Murni's @ SS2 which is actually affiliated to William's so that doesnt count. So it would only be right if i did a write up about this mamak to complete my rite of passage as a noble food hunter, so to speak. Both Murni's and William's serve some similar dishes such as roti hawaii, Mi Raja, Roti Dragon as to which is better it would be a rather subjective matter. What actually makes William's distinct among other mamaks would be their unique italian food served in a mamak stall setting.

Among the 5 of us we shared 3 pint sized Ribena Longan which could be spotted at almost every table. If there was something William's is known for it would be their enormous portions of everything. Imagine, half a can of longan, syrup and lots of ribena in a pint size glass. After a while when the longan would have soaked up the ribena giving it a purple tint and a nice fusion of blackcurrant and longan flavour.

there's S,M,L,And then there's Williams

Although it is highly recommended that dishes in William's are meant to be shared but as self-confessed grim eaters we challenged ourselves where each one of us ordered 1 item each starting off with MD which ordered Meatball Cabonara which came with 5 ginormous meatballs and bacon slices. The meatballs were chunky and generously with mozzarella cheese stuffed in the centre giving it that nice feeling when the warm melted cheese mixes with the meat in your mouth.

The next grim eater would be Pepper which called for one of William's signature dishes, Chicken Cordon Bleu. It came with a large chunk of the standard chicken cordon bleu which was deep fried to golden perfection then topped with mozarella cheese with some stuffed on the inside. On the side there was the delicious home made mashed potatoes which i swear can rival TGIF and Chilli's as well as some form of vegetable which im not too sure of the name but it was wrapped in lasagna skin and mashed spinach on the inside.

This would be the Chicken Kiev ordered by Island gal which i thought tasted somewhat similar to the chicken cordon bleu. Nonetheless she still enjoyed it.

Chicken Kiev

Seafood Cabonara

This was actually the first dish to land on our table ordered by RE which was seafood cabonara another one of william's must eat dishes. It came with a good deal of prawns, mussels, squid and button mushrooms to complete things up. The sauce was just as creamy as the meatball cabonara but it had a slight orange tone and sweet taste attributed to the seafood that came with it. Yum Max!

I personally ordered the king's ransom which was the penultimate seafood rissoto. Just take a moment and look at the size of it. It could have been put off as a seafood platter. Spammed with plenty of prawns which were delightedly cut in a cross section manner to absorb the herbs used as well as grilled squid which was stuffed with mantis prawns and herbs to the max! Not forgetting very fresh scallops and a huge fillet of grilled seabass topped with tomato paste which was nothing short of awesome. Overall this platter came with a nice variety of flavours and at the end of it i actually thought that i was King Poisedon ruler of the seas. If you're a seafood lover this dish would be the one to go for.

Im not mentioning prices here but all i have to say is that its not exactly cheap for a mamak but looking at the portion and ingredients given it was definetely worth it. And yes we actually did manage to polish through all five plates so we did achieve what we initially set out for. We came. We ate. We conquered!


Jalan SS26/9, Taman Mayang Jaya, PJ
*its the shabby looking row of stalls opposite a mini mart.


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