Confessions of a pork addict

Every once in a while everyone of us has our own guilty pleasures which we choose to indulge in overlooking health aspects and pork so happens to be one of mine. Recently i managed to acquire a packet of pork scratching (UK) or also known as pork crackles in aus and NZ. For the uninformed pork scratching is basically the fried or roasted skin of the pig which actually melts off the fat from the pork rind.

The resulting snack is actually very very crunchy and very salty with a slight hint of fat in the larger pieces and most importantly very porky. Traditionally its taken with beer in a pub similar to the ranks of peanuts or crisps. Probably the closest thing you could eat that can come on par with this would be scrapping off the skin from siu yuk or very dry chee yuk char.

Since its not found in our country so those who are going to UK/aus/nz anytime soon do spare a thought for me eh? For those who remain skeptic of this snack i do believe its and acquired taste which i definitely acquired over a 100g bag. So whats your addiction?


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