Song Kheng Hai, Kuching

Its one of those places where it holds itself as a clear memory in a small chapter in your past much like what this place has for me. Song Kheng Hai can be compared to a food court similar to Dai Pai Dong's which were relocated to newer locations for space and hygiene reasons. This essentially means good quality at a tight budget. Song Kheng Hai reserves itself as a special location not just to me but every other dwellers of Kuching, seeing that its located right in the heart of town and has been around since forever. The sights and bustle of the school directly opposite it, with the tranquility of the quiet rugby field under your nose(when its empty of course) and beating in tempo with the rapid development happening in its peripheries. That is the Song Kheng Hai i remember.

When i was home last week i headed down this nostalgia lane with fellow travel blogger, batchmate and Kuching-nite, Mr.M.

Interesting fact about this place is that its actually busiest in the odd hours between 2pm-5pm. I never really did believe this as i'd always paid my visits just in time for dinner but boy i was wrong. Its bustling with customers when i went there for my afternoon tea.

Correct me on this but this is one of the few places which i have seen shaved ice desert combinations apart from the usual fare of ais kacang and ABC. With names which belong more appropriately to car models like matterhorn, fairlady and snowwhite. And yes they are actually proper concotion of shaved ice deserts well thought out and tastes pretty good!

I ordered matterhorn which by its appearance has a slightly tangy flavour from a slice of lemon and pineapple strips. Fits perfectly for the ungodly heat of the afternoon sun.

This everybody is belacan beehoon, another dish unique to the cat city Kuching. The blend of boiled vermicelli, sliced cucumber, cuttlefish, and bean sprouts topped with warm rojak paste(fruit version or in KL pasembor) then propped up with the pungent belacan broth. To some it maybe foul smelling and vile and a love it or hate it presentation much like durian. To easily distinguish a good stall selling this is by simply using your olfactory senses. But to me, the radical idea of soaking vermicilli into a broth made out mainly of belacan which is a shrimp paste and chilli peppers served usually as a dip for local salad just gets my foodie courage worked up.
Left: Foochow Kompia, Right: Cincau, longan, sarsi and condensed milk

You have not had the real taste of Sarawak until you'd paid your visit to Song Kheng Hai. Yes im sure everyone thinks of Kolo Mee and Laksa when the idea of Kuching food snaps into your mind but its more than that over here. Mmm im missing it already.


Lorong 15
off Jln Padungan
KuchingSarawak 93100


jfook said...

I love the foochow kong pia there..

Brian said...

hey, i didnt get to try it this time round, maybe next time!

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