The short lived love affair

No dont worry no one of the opposite sex nor the same side was involved here. Just a trusty camera which i borrowed from a friend a few weeks back. Even as reluctant as i was i returned it knowing that it had served me well.

Yeap the Olympus EP-1. Sure it has its obvious faults primarily the lack of a built in flash and the shutter speed of a cow crossing the road. But where it lacks for here it sure does make up in ergonomics with a sturdy steel body as well as the user friendly layout of the buttons. Im no pro photographer but this camera showed me a sip of what professional grade camera can produce packed into a dimension of a compact camera. I used it in for the IMU NTM post.

Yes a tough day for me indeed but this was just a small part of it. Gonna have to think of a new excuse to find a window of opportunity to borrow this again. hmm.....


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