When KFC does it correctly...

Time and time again major fast food outlets and franchise chains effortlessly spew out new variations from their usual menu sometimes out of probably curiosity and even daft nothingness. A prime example would be none other than KFC. I use to remember being flashed with advertisements of Colonel Sander's latest recipe of burgers and other side dishes which never failed to disappoint. Very much to the extend that after several occasions slagging it off Colonel's chicken has been the only reason why i haunt this fast food outlet.

Then came along KFC's O.R(original recipe) chicken chop. Their latest fresh out of the colonel's lap. So another marketing flop or success? Seeing that it was recently featured on a string of Malaysia's reputable bloggers which worked out pretty well for them so cant really go off so badly eh?
i swear the kfc here has the coolest playground!

With this in mind i touched down at KLIA from Kuching last weekend and since i had some time at hand and my unrelenting gastric secretions calling for some materials to digest, it was a good chance to try out this spoken new chicken.

I paid around rm 13 or 16 since it's usually more expensive in the airport with the extra tax and all but the regular street price would be RM9.90. For a dish over a tenner you'd get a side dish of sweet corn kernels, cheesy potato wedges, a cup of Mountain Dew(mmm good stuff) and the main feature of a chicken drumstick deboned and butterflied fried according to KFC's infamous original recipe then topped with the gravy similar to the ones you'd get on a mash potato floating with sliced button mushrooms.

Since i'd usually pair my original recipe chicken with the same gravy it wasnt really something that caught me by surprise and this has always been a good combination anyways. But the convenience of having your chicken deboned? now thats a good one. As for the side dishes sweet corn kernels has always given me a nostalgic sense of my younger years devouring corn straight out of the boiling pot, good times. Very nice touch i must say. I wont lie but i never enjoyed cheesy wedges, i enjoy the whole concept of chilli cheese fries the american way but when KFC adds mayonaise into the mix it sorta ruins it for me.

But overall it definitely was a good sign that KFC's being adventurous playing it by their strengths pairing up their ubiquitous original recipe chicken with their savoury gravy producing a delightful combination. Now thats a conservative attitude with aggression in a good way of course. Oh and did i mention KFC has also embraced the refillable soft drinks concept like Mc Donalds! So more Mountain Dew for me! My only qualm would be the serving size being a tad too little for me but it was fine on that day since i had a light meal onflight before hand. A success for the Colonel? Yes!

*not an advertorial. Check out KFC's website for more info


Nick said...

nice yummy! though i havent try yet :P

Brian said...

try it!

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