Speed Blogging!

Writing this post from KLIA's erl transit. Blimey this part of KLIA actually has a pretty good wifi connection provided by YES.
Just got back from Kuching and its already at the end of my one week break.  It was just as if i was busy packing after  the end of the day of uni with that great sense of excitement. Now im already back here and unpacking my stuff as soon as i get back.  It does justify the cliched quote of 'Time waits for no man'.

Was wondering something as i was walking around KLIA after my short lunch how did this airport manage to even win awards when the airport is relatively quiet compared to major airports like Heathrow, JFK and Charles De Gaulle? hmm...maybe you'd might help me shed some light to my inquisition of this eh?

But anyways its always nice to come out to a quiet arrival hall compared to LCCT's packed terminal with tourists of sorts cramped together in a terminal fashioned after a huge hangar.

Damn the trains already started its slow pace before launching into its hyperspace speed. Didnt really know why i actually penned this post but i suppose its good to be back after a short break ready for the final system of the semester the wretched RENAL =S
Best way to travel to and fro the airport, well for me anyways.

This was definetly speed blogging for me, whipped up as fast as it take to make cup noodles. Heh!
Normal food posts will resume shortly. promise.

PS: not an advertorial for KLIA transit or YES either. just penning it as i see it =)


Philip Khor said...

well the place DOES look good (since i haven't been to klia YET)

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