iDrank: Leffe Brune Beer and binged eat PORK snacks!

Its been a almost a week that i have been home and sometimes its really hard to forgo such comfort of being dependent and it did dawn upon me when i was having conversation with my mum that i realized. Do parents ever get bored of parenting? much like how a student no matter how diligent they are at some point will eventually get bored of studying some more so than others =P.

But anyways that was just a thought, what this post is suppose to be about is me guzzling down one of the true elixirs of life, Beer and snacks which go along with it. The people that i meant frequently have a preconception that living in east malaysia particularly Sabah and Sarawak until i turn around and point out the obvious reason that obliterates such a thought. Its easily seen even from out national newspapers and other amenities like food products that they have a different quoted price for their eastern counterparts.

So do people actually earn more here then? Another obvious answer is No we don't, for reasons which i wont indulge into but the recent election results does speak for itself. But on a higher and sweeter note is that ethanol based beverages here are relatively cheaper compared to West Malaysia. Not just in Labuan for being a tax free zone but in parts of east malaysia and again for reasons which i wont question. hehe

To illustrate east malaysia’s major hyper market was having a promotion of Guinness Foreign Extra(bottle) for only rm5.50. Tell me that isn't cheap, the canned ones cost 1 ringgit more! So this scale extends its reach to imported beers as well.

One of those imported beers which i managed to procure is Leffe Brune beer from Belgium. Commonly found on shelves in most hypermarkets in West Malaysia i believe.
With Hoeegarden rapidly becoming a favourite among Malaysian drinkers i’d wanted to try out another brewery product of the same country.

Leffe brune beer, upon opening fragrant malty smell even standing in a distance never opened such a scented beer before, possess dark creamy taste lighter than the usual taste of a stout, slightly sweet aftertaste which settles to become nice caramel flavour. I’d reckon it’d be a nice pair with maybe a nice piece of sirloin or ribeye steak.

One quintessential snack which goes hand in hand with beers all over the world would probably be pretzels. This snack particularly caught my eye when i found it on the non-halal section of the supermarket. pretzel-strong smell of ham before i dived into it. taste reminded me of ham sandwich from subway. Didnt really taste much of the cheese tho. dominating flavour of ham. Was expecting the usual coated cheese layer of something similar but turned out to be the regular roasted stick pretzel sprinkled with powder.

But i wont recommend trying this porcine based snack by itself.

Until next time then. Cheers~


Brocade Blue said...

hit daikanyama, they have wide selection of imported beer u will never find in the regular bar

Brian said...

sounds interesting...where about is it?

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