IMU's Next Top Model not just another cheap carbon copy !

This might probably be a major departure from the usual food post as i was nursing a bad ulcer throughout this week which pretty much hampered the enthusiasm to go searching high and low for a good grub. So in turn i manage to get myself to attend an event worth writing about. In all honestly i have never really been a big fan of student organized events as they all turn out to be pretty much badly organized on a shoestring budget. Same impression was probably labelled on this event as well until a few days before the event where the organizing committee revealed a number of their main sponsors and a flow of well organized items on the itinerary. It had all the ingredients of a good event which most probably covers good publicity and it surely did just that with all the rave going on uni as well as social networking platforms majorly facebook.

Anyways least to say i ended up attending the event to see whether it actually did live up to its name. First impression was good with preevent mocktail party serving real food and not the typical delivered form of cardboard which we all like to chew and what the people at Domino's call pizza. No this time it was real food and pretty good ones as well.

We actually had a runway setup at the atrium of the university which turned what i walk/run(at times) through everyday into a platform for next top models to strut their stuff.

The calm before the storm
Since this event was one of the first few events which involves a big scale collaboration between two clubs in this case the photography and editorial board so we were treated to a slide show before the models came out.

As this event was mainly organised as a charity drive in light of the recent disaster in Japan the organizing comittee managed to secure sponsorship from local designer house Bill Keith, Key Ng,and Rumours by Gossips just to name a few.

As soon as the lights went on the models started flying off the runway. =P

The writing will pretty much stop here for now and what will follow soon after these is a case of bad diarrhoea of pictures that might just rape your bandwith and of which some i plucked from a few photographer friends who were present that night to cover the event. (Chun Kai, YingQi,Jie Cong)

5 Top female contestants

Top 5 male contestants

Soon after the first run Bill Keith came onstage and did a little introduction of himself and his side of his story on how he managed to get reel into the involvement of this event in a way much to the delight of the audience. Real show stopper he is, reminds me of the antics of one of my favourite comedians, Alan Carr.

Make some noise IMU!

We even had a short dance peformance by Chen and Derek from Imu's Got Talent which ended last month.

The final run of the day featured Bill Keith's award winning designs for the girls and Key Ng's latest collection of formal wear for the guys.

Then one of our very own guest of honour which was Farhan of AF4 (Akademi Fantasia) came up and did a few songs and cheekily pulled out one of the male models halfway through the song Big Spender.

This was probably the most anxious moments not only for the models but the audience has been waitng for. The announcement of IMU's 1st and very own top models. *drum rolls*

I'd have to say that this part could have been a little bit more exciting with a little bit more effort pulled out by the emcee. But what happened on that day itself was rather anticlimatic after all that glamour and excitement witnessed just a few moments ago. And the winners are!!!!!! (I'd wager that you'd feel a little more excitement from reading this compared to attending this part of the event itself)

                                                   Joshua and Jessica everybody!!!

This was probably the turning point of the whole event where the runway was announced as an open dance floor.

Thats our lecturer dancing onstage. How rad could it get?

Beware, shameless cam-whoring coming up.

Bill Keith ladies and gentlemen!

Tumpang Glamour #1

Tumpang Glamour #2

Coolest Pathologist/Lecturer i have known to date

Renu, the face of IMU's NTM
So i suppose this event proves a point besides us medical/dental students being charitable but who says students in these fields have to look like nerds? This event definitely place a nail into the coffin of medical school stereotype where the image of nerds loitering around the library is something of yesteryears. This everybody is the face of your future healthcare providers.


Huai Bin said...

Nice post bro! I've seen some hot doctors and pharmacists...been in relationships with two pharmacists and an ICU nurse too. :)

Brian Yong said...

Thanks! i read your story with the pharmacist some time back. I didnt know there was another pharmacist and an icu nurse as well?! Seems like a good pool of choice for you huh?

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