I ate: Roast Goose at Pudu(Wei Kee)

Each time my dad comes down to see me in KL it he never fails to come up and tell me about a new eat out spot that he found out recently on his very own self discovering hikes in kl. So like the last time, we headed downtown to the old part of KL city. A part of KL which speaks for itself with its old buildings with is bustling crowd of blue collar workers and a rising middle class executives as well as some of the younger crowd wedged in between. The KL which will never appear on the tourism board's video in promoting Malaysia. Its again one of those old coffeshops with its own cult of followers and a well established reputation only represented by the fading colours of its interior as well as its signage.

To my fascination, this part of pudu seems to be a haven for roast duck/goose with around 3 or 4 specialist shops just a stone throw from one another. But this time we headed to Wei Kee for their roast goose. Its said that the proprietor originates from Hong Kong bringing along with him the recipe for a good roast goose.

Since it was just the two of us, we ordered a quarter serving of goose. Note that these places only serve ducks in quarters and not as individual portions, unless your in an apetite for alot of this bird its recommended to bring along a dining partner.

Glistening on the outside a adequately crispy skin with a slightly rich milky taste and of course its lean meat with a soft texture sums up this goose roasted by this eatery without being to flamboyant in my description. And the broth the goose is served with is actually the juices collected from roasting it and boiled with other herbs giving the goose extra flavour!

Oh and the ever so neccesary home made plum sauce to sweeten the meat a little and a little bit of their brilliant concoction of garlic chilli sauce. It did occur to me that they werent very heavy handed on the chilli flakes inside the chilli itself which gave it a slightly more tangy flavour as oppose to the usual spicyness. Love it!

Apart from the different cuts of roast meat, one more traditional dished usually whipped out by these old places would be their dark sauce vinegar pork trotters.

You'd be silly to miss out on this. Since the portion of the duck was already quite substantial we didnt go overboard and opted for a smaller portion of this just for tasting. Dark, rich and slight caramel on the outside. I'd always enjoy chewing on the tendons of a good pork trotter.

If your craving for some duck and have some patience at hand, in this part of pudu its hard to go wrong with a few good choices at hand. I definetly prefer the goose here over Yi Kee's in my opinion.


Restaurant Wei Kee
50, Lorong Yap Hin
Off Jalan Pasar
55100 Kuala Lumpur


Nava.K said...

Roasted duck is my fav too although tend not to eat too often, esp the crispy and fatty parts.

Brian said...

hahaha definitely the best part of the duck and flavourful is the skin yea....thanks for reading....

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