Snack-King: Gavottes- Crêpe Chocolat Noir

I was in the midst of editing some pictures for the upcoming post and was munching on my latest snack brought back by my mum which recently made a trip to Hong Kong. Though not the usual fare i was expecting ( was expecting something along the oriental lines). But anyways this was definitely good enough for me to abandon photo editing for a moment, pull out my camera and snap up a few pictures.
Had to summon up courage to stop eating for a moment to take a picture before i whalloped everything up.

Some might think wad the !@#!@#!$#$%$^% is so special about french chocolate? isnt the Belgians master Chocolatiers? But when dark choclate with a slightly bitter taste is coated on a layer of crispy finger sized crêpe it definitely brought the ball back to the french side of the court.

Upon the first bite a layer of nicely folded crepe is seen, revealing revealing the winning factor of this snack.

Could anyone kind enough to spare a thought for me and bring some back for me if you spot it next time and might share a piece with you =D


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