I ate: KAYU's roti of sorts

This weeks seem to have brought a cloud of indian food upon me with maggi goreng to banana leaf and just yesterday roti. I once had my former high school teacher ask me whether i managed to assimilate into the "mamak culture" after studying in KL for around 3 years now. Strange it may sound to a west Malaysian but for a boy hailing from Sarawak its a rare sight to see an indian folk on the Streets let alone a proper mamak shop or stall for that matter run by an indian.

To complete the mamak food streak we ended up in KAYU around PJ's Chow Yang area. Greeted by its front facade of neon lights bright and no doubt colourful enough to rival any strip club or bar. But inside was a totally different matter of tale as it had a good ambiance and plenty of workers ready to serve as your palate demands.

To add a variety to this weeks mamak affair we completed the cycle ending with roti's or variation of indian bread.

I opted for something which is more of a personal classic choice of plain naan with tandoori chicken (rm10.50) what i was presented with really did baffle me for a moment.

I was truly surprised to see the tandoori which was presented with real finesse and had to pinch myself back to reality realising that i was afterall was just in a mamak stall. Taste wise the naan had a rather unique texture being extra fluffy and soft as opposed the the usual crisp and crusted feel that i was accustomed to. Surely a good change to me. As for the nicely presented tandoori it didnt dissapoint with its slightly charred edges which went down well with the naan and dhal gravy as well as some of the mint sauce.

This towering madness of sugar and planta here is KAYU's trademark roti tissue. It spans around 3 feet long occupying the whole lenght of our table. Enough for the four our us to tear off a few bites from. Its always fun to see your waiters struggle to carry this to your table from a distance, i sure did giggle a little.

Desert wise another roti was ordered which was called roti tiga rasa which in english means three taste bread. As the name suggests this variation in bread is an amalgamation of three flavours compromising of planta, egg and kaya, as odd as this combination might sound but it surely proved us other wise. The egg's warmth elevated the taste of the kaya subtracting the extra sweet taste of it which some might dislike and the planta added an element of slight saltiness.

To be able to comment on the taste with a certain amount of comparison surely does proves that my own tastebuds has probably well settled the this "mamak culture" always synonymous with a students life. As far as a mamak KAYU does a very good job by my own books definetly worth it.

KAYU or the KAYU empire as some might call it has branches in Penang, Klang, Kota damansara and once even in Melbourne!


KAYU ss2
No. 64, Jalan SS2/10,
47300 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.


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