I ate: Banana Leaf Rice @ Kanna Curry House

I'd often notice that if everytime if i had to skip a meal or eat something that doesnt meet my usual RNI(recommended nutrient intake) for each meal it somehow leaves me either cranky or with a feeling with something missing to journey on for the remaining part of the day Yesterday was probably another good example of it when i ended up snacking on Kit Kats before going for class since i was in a rush.

To truly comepensate for the lack of RNI a carbohydrate overdose was in order and banana leaf rice came to mind. So the usual food hunters with me in tow headed to Kanna Curry house since its one of the established Curry houses around KL with a reputation of having good banana leaf rice.

Well banana leaf rice itself literally means rice served on top of a leaf. I had an indian friend explain to me the rationale of this practice but the only point that did make sense to me was probably for an added fragrance or a more natural/rudimentary way which ever you prefer.

Instead of rambling on the usual format of explaining each dish it'd probably be nice to explain the assembly of a complete Malaysian favourite the banana leaf rice.

First step involves err rice on banana leaf followed by 3 types of vegetables and a side of papadoms. For some vegetarians this would have accounted for a complete meal.

i think im getting addicted to papadoms too =S

For meat devouring homosapiens like me the next part is probably my favourite part. The selection of sides. I opted for Fried Chicken, fried squid and some lamb curry.

I particularly enjoyed the fried squid which was coated with a layer of herbs which im guessing has a part of papprika and saffron which was fried well giving it a soft texture. Oh and it gets better with the fried onions fried with the same batter coating certainly went well giving it a nice sweet and crunchy texture.

The third stage(though some might argue for this to be done after the rice has been served) would be topping your rice with a selection of gravies offered usually in trio's of either chicken, fish, or dhal. I'd recommend all three to be spread all around your rice and later mixing it giving it an extra depth of flavour.

Final stage doesnt end with more food but a customary sign of gratitude of your meal fold the banana leaf facing your direction. Each direction itself signifes a certain meaning and probably the best one to avoid is folding it away from you which im told means a funeral or a gesture of displeasure. (not too sure about this, do correct me if im wrong)

Carry out this steps and im sure you'd have enjoyed the meal as much as i did. As for the price, the basic rice and vege combo itself wont hurt much but the real pain comes in the sides. i ended up paying RM21 inclusive of drinks. But nonetheless a truly satisfying meal considering the portion and amount of carbohydrates consumed sending my RNI sky rocketting.


Kanna Curry House
Jalan 17/45
Petaling Jaya


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