I ate: Skewers @ Subang Avenue

I believe that im one of the many Malaysians that have caught the bug of amazing group based deals provided by mydealsgroupsmore and other similar sites. For a very obvious reason that it offers unbelievably amazing deals for activities and more importantly meals which on a stretched student budget i will have to go on a 7 day famine to splurge on.

Initially i pretty skeptical about the whole idea of this working without being mislead into thinking that your actually getting a true value for money and not being treated like a second class citizen. But when groupsmore had the deal at Skewers for RM 100 worth of food at the price of only Rm 50 i was rather confident in the true value in this after reading after rave reviews from Suanie and Kyspeaks.

So all i had to do after that was to send out the foodie beacon and all my compatriots can running along. If im not mistaken we were there on an early friday evening a few weeks back and didnt have any problems in finding a comfort space to fit the 9 of us.

Since that places like Skewers make their food fresh from scratch, its acutally advisable to bring out your patience card while waiting but i went head on with a pint of Connor's to start of with.

I have always wanted to try this stout since Guinness is synonymous with this form of beer i wanted to try another variation and i like its smooth creaminess and a lighter flavour in the after taste department. I'd probably found a new stout that day itself!

While we were waiting for the rest of the gang to arrive we started off with some starters which consist came under recommendation which was Salted Egg Prawn Fritters and Seasoned Steak Fries. I'd assure you the thought of health consciousness would voluntarily walk out of the window once you had your first bite of the crunchy prawn fritters and its lightly salted prawn fritters. It was so good that we called for a encore of it for the rest of the gang since we snapped it up before the others arrived,

When the everyone had arrive the main courses were ordered and the first to arrive was Ultimate Skewers Glutton Burger. I honestly couldn't think of a more appropriate name for this burger, how much more sinful can it get? If it was wrong to enjoy this gargantous serving of beef patty, egg, chilli con carne, nachos, melted cheese and the usual greens then i'd rather not be right. Since it  was so huge i actually had quite a sizeable bite of it.

Then came the Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich and Grilled Garlic Butter Prawn Sandwich. Though i didnt get a large piece of the prawn sandwich, the prawns had a substantial amount of garlic flavour and was cooked well.

Zesty Fish, huge fish chunks grilled on a skewer rested on pasta with a usual serving of salad and mash potato. There was some inconsistency here as everyone had a different opinion with some being undercooked or under seasoned. But the piece i received was the total opposite of that and i quite like it actually.

Since i was already so busy poking my nose into everybody's meal which they willingly obliged. heh! I decide to share an order of Skewers and Fryer combo. This restaurant is after all called skewer so why not go skewered all the way with this dish eh? Loved the chicken here and yes another round of salted egg prawn fritters to much delight! Probably my qualm about this would be the salad having a little to much sour taste on it so a little light handed on the vinegar would be good perhaps.

I enjoyed the mediteranean influence in the Minty Lamb and Rosemary Beef. Both with pilaf rice and salad but i was hoping for a little more rosemary seasoning on the beef.

We actually bought 2 coupons which totalled to a RM 200 target so deserts was in order. Oh gosh it surely was good getting my sweet tooth all worked up at the end of the meal. Their deserts i'd say can rival a specialty desert restaurant any day.

Heavenly Chocolate Trifle, check out those layers! heavenly? close enough i admit.

Banofee Sundae was something with i'd found rather interesting. It contains the softness from sliced bananas, molten chocolate topping and cream. I could just indulge in this i tell ya!

Life's A Beach! yea sometimes it really come and bite you in the ass but it was all sunny that day when i sipped this crazy blend of banana, mango, pineapple and a few other fruits which i cant recall. A simple crash course of torpical fruits blended and fitted inside a cup.

The classic Apple crumble, done tastefully with a serving of vanilla ice cream. The usual winning combo of hot, cold, sweet and crunchy. A nice way to unwind after a taxing meal to the stomach.

The meal maybe taxing to the stomach but it didnt really dent our wallets badly. It pretty much totalled to around RM 20 per person after the coupons cost counted in for the  9 of us. If your looking for all things skewered and a good beer on tap, look no further!

Thanks groupon! For those worrying about stories of people not getting value for money on the coupons bought. A simple way to avoid this is to simply evaluate the deals carefully especially for meal deals. Check the pricing on their usual menu, ask questions if necessary im sure the restaurants involved be glad to answer them. Because i asked relevant questions like portions size etc etc before jumping into a deal.

Subang Avenue, Jalan Kemajuan Subang
Jalan Kemajuan Subang, Selangor


Nava.K said...

the desserts seems so attractive and yummy.

Brian said...

haha it tastes as good as it looks.

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