I ate: Nambawan's Pork burger!

Recently i have been developing a tendency to be on the look out for good pork burgers. Something which wasnt really brought to the masses until recently with the entry of food franchise restaurants serving up the mentioned dish. But as an avid supporter of independent restaurants lead me stumbling along this rather established restaurant serving decent pork burger at a very decent price as well.

Located off the usual Jalan Klang Lama which im sure everyone is familiar with involved the journey through a rather dodgy neighborhood of kl but was soon alight to the normal sights of bustling shophouses among which Nabawan is located.

The interior itself is nothing glamorous with simple wall papers splashed on each side. Service however was warm and most welcoming. Its always a good sign when you hear the waiter mentions the word pork while reciting the highlights of the menu. Since we paid our visit on a sunday, Nabawan makes their one off specials on weekends for a slight deviation of the regular menu.

Taking full advantage of that we called for roast pork and pull pork sandwich off the regular menu. But first item to reach our palettes was the famed pork burger.

The patty itself blew me off my socks with as it was juicy, thick and redolent of herbs. At Rm6.90 its hard to argue for anything better.

Another item a staple among regular customers is the pork fillet. Succulent and juicy but my dining partner complained of it being slightly tough on the knife for her liking.

As for the specials of Roast pork belly(Rm 13.90) which surprised in the way it was being presented. Two beautiful strips of pork belly criss-crossed and rested on a bed of potatoes served alongside homemade apple sauce with a side serving of coleslaw. The belly pork itself was lightly seasoned and had a sufficient crunch on the skin side reminiscent of pork scratching. The apple sauce compliment the flavours of the pork very well.

The other special that we ordered was the pull pork sandwich which basically is stewed or barbecqued pork "pulled" off into smaller pieces then drenched into a homemade sauce making it extra juicy and imparting even more flavour. The meat itself was quite a pile on the sandwich elevating the overall height probably similar to platform shoes as some might say. Not too dry, sweet and slightly peppery it was. But overshadowed by the pork burger and the belly.

After polishing off all the dishes with the help of a few friends it dawned to me that this was probably the most honest meal i had in a long time. Every dish we had screamed value for money and honesty adhering closely to the ideology of homemade cooking. That for me is the essential difference between a franchise chain restaurant with recipes designed by businessmen in suits sipping earl grey tea. A good enough reason for planning future trips back here.


Nambawan Restaurant and Cafe
10, Sri Manja Square One
Taman Sri Manja
Jalan Klang Lama
46000 PJ.


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