I ate: Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee

Since the previous post on madam chiam's chilli pan mee it pretty much had me craving for more of that spicy concoction stuck on homemade noodles. News got to me that along the new row of shop houses in Sri Petaling opposite The Store supermarket there was a booming cluster of eateries among which Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee opened its sixth branch. Arch rivals of Kin Kin pan mee which always shouted out by offering a better eating environment and better service but as to who remains as the original brain child of this dish remains as a matter of opinion to many.

Like most thriving food areas around KL presents the same old problem of sufficient parking space even for a newly developed area of shophouses. The good service reputation came through from the very moment we walked in and were promptly shown to our table where orders were placed for two bowls of dry pan mee for me and my dining partner.

Food arrived in a matter of minutes despite the heavy dinner crowd at that time. But before i digged into it i opened the white plastic container laid at the side of each table next to the cutleries which revealed the magic of this dish which is the roasted dry chilli.

The unadulterated dry pan mee comes with a standard of shallots, minced pork meat, anchovies and poached egg served along side with a bowl of sweet leaf soup. After adding around a full spoon full of dry chilli the next step before devouring it was to mix it sufficiently to give and even spicyness around each bite. As fot the taste of it the fragrant dry chilli was another unique take on dry chilli as compared to Madam Chiam's as it had a certain quality of spicyness which swells up in your mouth with each bite.

Perspiration and a strange desire for more was the feeling playing through my mind.

It was pointed to me by my dining partner that i finished my soup last as opposed to eating it concurrently with the noodles. Well for me i believe that the sweet leaf soup was a useful tool to extinguish the slight burning sensation around in your mouth to complete the whole meal.

As for those who have always sworn your loyalty to this Clan of Chilli Pan mee its good to know that you'd need not subject yourself to the horrible jams in Jalan TAR to satisfy your cravings with its latest branch. So super kitchen or kin kin still remains a question left unanswered until i do make a trip down to the latter. But for now its nice to add a decent eatery nearby my residence.


Restaurant Super Kitchen
No.43, Jalan Radin Bagus,
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling
57000 Kuala Lumpur


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