I ate: Leong Fried Rice, Misai's Maggi goreng, and the Gluttony of durian @ Ss2 PJ

I was craving for some good old mamak food over lectures and decided to SS2's mamak square along jalan ss2/60. To the unfamiliar mamak square is a unique congregation of hawker stalls serving chinese food made by chinese alongside proper mamak stalls plating up the usual mamak fare from nasi goreng, maggi goreng to the usual roti's. For those thinking about halal issues yes it is halal by mutual agreement. Good example of a meeting point for our country's diversity in terms of culture and cuisine in harmony.

Being the main centre piece of the mamak square we sat adjacent to Misai mamak itself for a proper mamak drink of ribena laici.

With the flexibility of being able of ordering chinese food at the same time nasi goreng ala cina was at an arms reach so that was naturally my choice. Partly after reading a review on Leong's Fried rice here.

Served up with dried anchovies,small shrimps and silver fish which you'd usually find in claypot chicken rice it was definetly a good choice of comfort food after a long day.

To make it to mamak square and not ordering misai's maggi goreng would be as silly as not having a baguette when in France. This never failed to dissappoint with its unique texture of slightly wet and not too dry. Slight hint of curry flavour from maggi's seasoning and pieces of chopped up cabbage.

Simple yet delicious probably thats what they build their reputation on. Why doesnt other mamak's learn from them! Most importantly cheap (rm 3 or 4) couldnt recall the exact figure though.

After a while the weather caught up with us and it started drizzling putting everyone's dining pace in a fast foward. We decided to speed up ourselves to get out of the awkwardness of huddling under a small umbrella.

Since we were so near Ss2's infamous durian buffet stalls with the combination of that fragrant scent of durian and hidden cravings for the King Of Fruits.


So after much negotiations and diplomacy never did work when it comes to food cravings we eventually succumbed the the best of our cravings and subconsciously found ourselves sitting down placing our orders.

Since we this was rather spontaneous we decided to go ala carte instead of buffet which was actually a much better option after much realization. With 3 options of buffets of Rm 15 for kampung grade durians, 20 for D grades (eg D24,D88,D96) and 30 for king grade (eg,Raja Kunyit).

We did enjoy 2 variations of durians offered from the King Grade namely XO and udang merah if i'd recall correctly. Both of slightly different flavours, creamy, small amount of sharp after taste just the way i like mine.

For those constantly conscious about their public image water and tissue is provided and the option of fresh coconut juice is made available.

If your arent a real ponch when it comes to eating a staple Malaysian fruit with the correct method, by your bare hands just like i do. Later on just use the remaining husk filled with water to wash off the smell which lingers on your hands. Didnt really wash mine off to bring home some of the soothing scent on my fingers as a souvenir.

To really sum up the real joy and probably the best illustrated way of enjoying this fruit allow my friend here demonstrate.


Mamak Square
Jalan SS 2/60,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

SS2 Durian
Behind BHP petrol station, next to the police station.
Intersection of Jalan SS2/24 and SS2/75,
PJ, Selangor

Durian on FoodistaDurian


Awaang Kolo said...

I tried the Misai Maggi Goreng - the unspicy version.

Verdict: Dry, so- so in terms of taste and presentation (afterall how avant garde can a roadside mamak be?). I however had the impression that it was a somewhat healthier version than its counterparts elsewhere (The average true healthiness of such a morsel is very likely to be somewhere between artery clogging and instant death). The noodles (perhaps due to its dryness) was springy and fresh (for lack of a better term to describe it) in contrast to some maggi goreng which are drenched in blackish oil...

So here comes the important bit- should you make your way there?: Okla - only if you have nowhere else and nothing else to it.

Alisa said...

Delicious food reviews! if it was only possible to fly there and sample all these wonderful food. I haven't tried eating durian but I love the candies made from it :)I hope you could add this durian widget at the end of this post so we could add you in our list of food bloggers who blogged about durian,Thanks!

Brian said...

Alisa: added! thanks for reading =)
Awang Kolo: 2nd time round was total durian rampage wasnt it? hehe

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