Sun You Eats: XO Fish head Noodles @ Goon Wah Kuchai Lama

Venturing out for lunch on a weekday has always been a hassle and sometimes would be seen as an unspoken luxury with lectures and the load of mugging hours that needs to be clocked in. Today’s small window of opportunity allowed the four of us to try out one of the more famous fish head noodles in the Klang Valley located in Kuchai Lama, Restaurant Goon Wah. We managed to arrive at 1.30pm when the lunch hour crowd was dying down so being seated wasn’t much of a problem.

Most of our items were ordered off the wall which exhibited an array of their signature dishes. Before starting off with the food a beverage worth mentioning here would be their Kopi Peng which was extra Kao and very authentic rather than some knock off from the over commercialized Old Town White Coffee.

Naturally we ordered their signature XO fish head noodles which were nothing short of awesome. Simmering in a piping hot clay pot was tomato both regular and cherry tomatoes, chunks of fish head meat – literally, lemongrass, onion leaf , plum seeds, ginger and of course the broth which had a nice action of full cream milk giving it a rich savory taste to it. The broth had a subtle sour taste which wasn’t too overpowering and the added milk with its rich feel compliment the overall taste really well. I was definitely hooked after a few sips of it and the best part was refills of the broth are pleasantly entertained. Slurp Max!

Next in line would be Claypot Lou Shoue Fun which came in a trough which was simmering ensuring that it remains warm while you chomp away on their other dishes. I can safely say that this is one of the best lou shoue fun’s that I have had in Kl so far. It had a nice balance without being too dry or too moist with plenty of fried shallots, dried shrimp and minced meat. A must try when visiting and if I had my way I would have downed the whole serving by myself.

As a side dish we ordered their other signature dish which was their Guinness stout Chicken wings. Glazed with honey and a nice hint of Guinness which was sweet and flavourful. Needless to say we polished through this one and I’d tell you it was finger lickin’ good.

Overall, this lunch offered a rich palette of flavours ranging from the slight sourness from the fish head noodles,a crispy feel while chomping down the lou shoue fun and sweetness from the chicken wings was a pleasant experience for a mid day filler.

The best part of it was you’d know you’re not alone when your lunch buddies walks back to the car looking like this.


Restaurant Goon Wah
G13, Jalan 3/115C
Block KP2,
Taman Kuchai Jaya,
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama,
58200 Kuala Lumpur.


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