Sun You Eats: Yu Kee BKT, SS14 Subang

Following last weeks post on Ah Ping's BKT i had an opportunity to try out another Bkt restaurant located along the same row at Subang SS14. Both shops during dinner hours receives a fair amount of crowd so being seated may take quite some time. As i walked into the shop i was greeted with the ever so familiar herbal scent of bak kut teh as it was being prepared which was a good sign from the beginning.

Orders were placed for both dry and soup version of BKT each with a serving for 2 and the obligatory greens to be shared among the four of us.

Service was speedy even with a large crowd both inside and outside of the restaurant. The soup came first with the usual fare of pork meat both lean and fat,enoki and button mushrooms, tofu pok, pork tripe and intestine. The broth was decent, while not spectacular, with the meat cooked till it had a soft texture to it.

The dry bak kut teh however was pretty good. It was tasty and spicy enough to get my mucus running. We opted for lean meat on this one but i believe fatty meat for dry bak kut teh would have been a much better choice. The lean meat was still good enough as it had absorbed a sufficient amount of sauce and spicyness giving it a strong flavour. Definetly much better than Ah Ping's for both dry and the wet version.

We paid Rm 14 a person and was definetly worth it considering the amount of meat we had. The cold weather made it even more suitable for a nice warm bowl of Bak Kut teh.


Yu Kee Bak Kut Teh Restaurant
54A, Jalan SS14/2,
47500 Subang Jaya


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