I ate: Madam Chiam's Chilli Pan mee

Its been a while since i actually written anything and probably one of the most valid excuses for that could be the change of an OS to Mac, yea so this means i lost my mac virginity and probably the best cherry to pop to date i’d say.

Being raised with the Window’s OS even attending computer classes in school with Windows OS and boy those years i can ever remember was plaqued with all sorts of malfunctions despite that i’d tip my hat of to the simplicity if windows os, im no computer geek but now that i made the change the only question was why didnt make this transition earlier.

To get the ball rolling again is a place which i tried quite some time back and to much suprised hasnt been blogged about that much. Chilli pan mee itself has been creating waves recently with every franchise pan mee restaurant coming up with their own interpretation of the dish with some faring better than others. One particular place that stands out for me other than the established super kitchen and Kin Kin would be Madam Chiam’s.

It takes quite good sense of direction to be able to search for this place even by relying on gps as its tuck beneath the fascias of residential area’s and workshops surrounding it. It was the peak of the lunch hour when we arrived but service was pretty brisk.

In a matter of minutes we’d receive our bowl of spicy-nasal-works-inducing goodness which comes in 4 variations of sizes and the largest called simply extra large which to much surprise only cost 5.50. the trick here would be to squeeze lime into your noodles before mixing the homemade chilli concoction to give that extra citrusy flavour. The mixture of noodles which by the looks of it ressembles instant noodles minus the flaky-ness, the citrusy lime element, fragrant dry spicyness of their homemade chilli flakes and the sweetness from the potato leaves did the trick for me. Those fine tweaks in the chilli flakes the hint of sweetness in the noodles gives this bowl the edge over others.

I also did make a point to order their own homemade soyabean and gingko desert which these days i would say a rare item to find in most menu’s other than diluted concentrated syrup derived versions. This for a change was a fresh difference at only 1.60.

With all this said, probably the only qualm i have with this restaurant is their strange policy of no photo’s which from previous experience can only be seen in certain area’s of factories or top secret facilities? Something to hide perhaps?

Anyways this would probably the best bowl of pan mee i’d have minus the exorbitant price and bad service and if not for their strange policy would definitely be popping up more frequently on the blogosphere.

*photo’s we’re taken in the stealthiest manner with an iphone 4.(dont fine a poor bloke like me, rules are meant to be broken)

Madam Chiam Curry Noodle House
No. 20, Jalan Cerdik
Taman Connaught
Kuala Lumpur


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