Delivery as good as a para-drop

Sunday is usually the time when i put my writing hat on and expect my creativity to flow like water coming out of a beaver dam. But on this particular sunday i really needed more than just a stream of ideas and inspirational words to fill up my posts. I needed something in a scale of a bad diarrhoea. Reason being a fully packed schedule in the following week crossing out any opportunity for some midweek blogging.

It didn’t help with sleeping late the night before and waking up with half of my day consumed by paying of a weeks accumulation of sleep debt.

So it was set just another sunday sitting in front of my computer processing food pictures and bashing away on its keyboard. With good food ideas thrown out the window, delivery was the only plausible for receiving warm food apart from phosphate saturated canned and processed food.

Though i may have slagged off domino’s time and time again but it has always been there when i needed some form of saving grace for the day. Some time a little too friendly to an extend where i get rewarded loyalty items on certain occasions. But this sunday it was a little different.

It starts off with me putting a call through its delivery hotline reciting my name and handphone number and them recognizing me on their vast database of cardboard chewing civilization. And in that 2 minutes worth of talk time i have never been called “sir” that many times in my life thinking that i might have been knighted in my dreams and this was an extension of it. Then a little less than 5 minutes later i received a call which i hoped never should have gone through thinking that they might have found out that i was using a coupon that expired one month ago. But with great relief it was just a call of mere protocol mismatch between customer and supplier with me ordering under less than RM25.
Packed like airplane food, tastes just about the same as airplane food

Trust me on this one, i did not intentionally order a side of chicken lasagna totaling the bill to a mischievous RM24.80. But it opened up a small wiggle room for dominos to continue their run of being customer-friendly. “This isnt Rm25 yet isnt it?” Very indirect? Yes it was but like every customer friendly enterprise they obliged with “Alright we will deliver for 24.80”.
But for the sake of starving children worldwide i finished it.

I was taken back for a while as i was all prep-ed up to change my order and flipping open my wallet making sure i had enough currency to pay for it. Though i’ll never admit that i love dominos pizza despite its customer friendly treatment and all. I’ll just keep a mental note that i know i can count on it when i need to. Much like a reliable migrant worker that booming industries of the 21-st century heavily rely on but would never declare them as their own.


Huai Bin said...

I love Domino's too coz of their delivery time. Just have to love the 30 minute thing, it's really convenient. I had it twice in the past 7 days.

How do you manage to get a pizza and a lasagne for under RM 25? My order is usually a regular pizza, BBQ chicken wings and a drink and it's about RM 45 or so. :x

I've been getting all this X-Men boxes too and I have to agree on them being polite.

I told the delivery guy off for asking me to come down (my condo has strict security so they can't come up) RIGHT NOW when I had to wait 8 minutes.

I said if it's 8 min, tell me to come down in 8 min, not NOW. He apologized and it turns out that he was there, he just forgot my drink and went back for it.

Felt bad about that but the guy insisted on giving me a late coupon even though he wasn't late (usually get my order in 15 min).

Gotta love the service. I don't exactly like the food to be honest, it's greasy and there are better options out there.

Just like you, I only like the reliable delivery. :)

Brian said...

haha another one reason why i really order from domino's regularly is from its coupons. i used one of their coupons which allowed me to buy a regular pizza for RM 15. Very student friendly prices.

All that order for 1 person? wow some appetite u have there.

Yea very trendy with the boxes they are.

Hahaha, i know of people who like to squeeze coupons out of these delivery guys. But i usually get them when they are really late.

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