Weekend Musings

The combination of boredom, slight freedom and a short list of things to do managed to pull myself out of my chair away from my computer on my way down to KL city. The list of things to do wasn't that long and not too complicated of a task so i had quite some time to walk around and enjoy the vibe of KL's Golden Triangle of Bukit Bintang.

Coincidentally the monorail decided to be shitty with frequency of each monorail brought down to once every 30 minutes. So it was similar to KTM on a daily basis with half its passenger capacity. Funny thing is that most of monorail's stops are about a 10 minutes walk from each other. I stopped at Hang Tuah and walked to Imbi which so happened to be at the door step of Times Square.

The rebellious voice of teenagers

Reminds me of Hindenburg

On my way Lot 10 i came across some street carnival for some youth activity thing. Didn't really pay much attention to it.

But i one thing caught my eye or nose to be more accurate. The sizzling sound of meat on the grill and a combination of sautéing onions in the air. Now i wont actually miss that out from a mile away. To every carnival there would definitely be some street grub lying around somewhere like Sponge bob is to Patrick.

Slightly delirious from head banging tunes of Metallica in the back ground i non-chalantly pointed out for 1 BBq bomb and muttered for beef with more action on my lips rather than sound itself drowned by the noise surrounding. This was replied with a smile saying no beef for today. Regardless slight disappointment i  persisted on with my order a dawg.

Taste wise, nothing very wrong that i picked out. But i never really expected much like the very notion and impulse that i had to actually pick this route on my way to Pavillion. In terms of journey there are much faster and convenient routes that i knew and could have taken. Another prime example of the rewards of walking the path less taken. Its a small token, an appreciation to my own bravery that was how it tasted like.

Tony Hawk?

Sloppy and dripping with sauce in one hand while maneuvering one hand shots with my compact camera on the other.

On the way to Pavillion i stumbled upon a rather oddly shaped building which 5 minutes upon my own entrance i felt totally displaced. Eyes upon a average height teen clad with shorts and slippers with a messenger bag slinged around himself. Not the usual demographics that the store usually receives so i buggered off.

This was one of the items on the list. In conjunction with American Independence day on the 3rd of July, Tony Roma's holds a once in a year buffet featuring their signature dishes for a reasonable price of Rm 79.90.

Its like the greatest hits from their menu with beef ribs, onion loaf and others. Another plus point would be Carlsberg on draft for RM1. Thats beer-ily good!

Its gonna be my first time to Tony Roma's so fingers crossed. Will most probably be heading down to their E@ Curve branch. See you if i see you there!


Lindy said...

Ooh..KL dawgs. Pretty cool. :)

ken said...

rm80 for a buffet is quite pricey.. but for tony roma's... it's worth it :)

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