Cup Cakes @ Wondermilk

Afternoon tea to me always carried an image of luxury not just for time but for the life of my wallet as well.  But the life of afternoon tea is and only is as exciting as the diner behind it isn't it? So being trendy, young and exciting Wondermilk is one of those popular spots that would be a more unconventional place to hang out apart from the ubiquitous star bucks and their awful coffee.

mmm birds.
Entering this place resonates a sense of rebellion, quirky yet familiar with their contrasting decorations and layout. But one thing's obvious, whoever decorated this place must really like birds. Could they have employed Bill Oddy as their interior designer? Never want to know the answer to that.

Wondermilk started off from a blog just as quirkily designed as their shop thats what i was told anyways. So by now you'd probably detect that i have been beating around the bush with my point with screams in your head saying"Oh just talk about the cupcakes already". Its not that i dont like cup cakes but some of them are made just too pretty to be eaten. Its like a peacock, its so pretty but you just dont eat them. Sometimes they're made too pretty for their own good. Dont get me wrong as much as i love rustic food but cupcakes, well some of them looks like a typical sample of art work that scored a high A in primary school.

Well like they say the proof of the pudding is in its taste. I like it here, plenty of choices that has a middle or maiden name of chocolate with it. To top that off its not too sweet, but im not implying that i can polish off a dozen of them in one sitting. That would set me off on a first class ride on diabetes airlines.

I did particularly enjoy their blueberry cupcakes. Those are the ones that truly defined my memories of cupcakes.  I was recommended their red velvet cupcake. I bought that as a gift but didn't try that myself, it does sound like something Scarlett Johansson would wear to the Oscars.
turning nothing into something. isnt that art?
One sad thing was we were being real cheap skates and nothing like an upper class glitterati sipping Caffè latte but was just diluting our blood sugar with cold water with a wedge of lemon inside it(water with abit of class?). But honestly they do make good coffee here, i did take a sip/gulp off a friend who did order one.

So if your into coffee, cup cakes or hypoglycemic Wondermilk would be a wise choice to consider. Ooo and one more for photographers who are into Lomo (yeah very trendy these days). Real lomography not an iphone application that just over saturates colours and adds shadows to your pictures Wondermilk will probably be your next den as they are as it states in their business card Lomographic Embassy Malaysia.  


41 Jalan SS 21/1A,
Damansara Uptown,
47400 Petaling Jaya


ken said...

wondermilk.. ok.. will try to drop by one day :)

Huai Bin said...

Afternoon tea is also the meal of choice for professional bums. ;)

...or those without a 9-5 job anyway.

Wondermilk is pretty good but a bit out of the way for me.

First time I went there was to get a Blackbird fly.

Brian said...

Ken: yea give it a try!

Huai Bin: haha bums you got that right. Whats a blackbird fly? a cupcake or part of their decoration?

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