Hutong Lot 10

Not many things that i have ever come across which has been celebrated to a great extend. Even to a larger and a wider scale than the annual Mardi Gras festival. To come to think of it that its just another food court. Raise your eye brows yes? Few thought i had before this. Isn't food courts the established nexus of all that is bad and awful. The neatly arranged stalls on each side with customers sitting in the centre like a painted target for harassment. It surely does find a consisted spot of my least visited food joints and it even makes the golden arches restaurant of the almighty Ronald Mc Donald look like a revelation.

Hutong Lot 10 has been the centre piece of attention to all Kl-ites in general. First impressions of it of course is this just some hyped up marketing ploy to lure a bigger crowd to Lot 10 itself. This thought left me held back before i eventually made my way there after reading mixed reviews sneering everything from its food, odd layout and faulting it for taking the away the  novelty off everybody's beloved hawkers.
Placing every detail in place.

Well to me this place does things differently in a very good way. Fashioned in a quirky way after Bejing's narrow streets giving it a distinct layout which forms small pockets of seats. Everything here has been meticulously recreated including employing an old lady pushing her cart around advertising her products like the good old days, charcoal fire frying and same cutlery minus the heat and upgraded hygiene standards.

After getting my bearings around the oddly located stalls and feeling slightly nauseous in the process i opted for beef noodles that im familiar with, Soong Kee Beef noodles. Having tried out the original one in town i wont lie that i came with great expectations. 
Total Beef Power!

Vary well done beef mince.
I ordered a set of mixed beef soup with tripe, oily vegetable, small bowl of noodles and home brew tea. Taste wise i there really isn't any difference between the original one and this. Its like asking whether a zebra has black with white stripes or white with black stripes, there shouldn't be any difference.

Its a reassuring thing to see an old hand behind the counter acting as quality control.

Hmm if the tea is good enough for former Russian president Mr Putin and China's Hu Jintao.

But the hokkien mee was slightly off with the lack of wok hei though. But the caramel, ingredients were still just as good.

On my second time round i couldn't help myself but to order a desert for myself. Cant really go wrong with a Malaysian classic desert, Ais Kacang. It does to a certain extend ressembles the taste of upper Penang road ais kacang.

A little more fillings inside would have made things nicer.

Hutong would definitely be one of my locations to head to each time i make it down to this area. To the creators of Hutong i applaud you for raising the bar of Malaysian food courts. This might just be the beginning of salvation for food outlets in malls apart from the typical franchise chains. Keep 'em coming.


Hutong Food Court
Lower Ground Floor
Lot 10 Shopping Mall
Jalan Bukit Bintang


EARNic said...

heyyy you make me hungry!

sheng said...

Hutong is a nice place to dine in for variaties...
probably the only holding lot10 up IMO :D

Adrian said...

Drooling all the way! :D

~KLaRraPaRiS~ said...


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