Tony Roma's Buffet

Just around the same time last week i was pretty hyped up about some buffet which i headed all the way down to Pavillion KL just to purchase the tickets. So was it worth the effort, the joy of being hyped up and the unaccounted amount of great perspiration walking around the centre of KL?

That was what i was pretty much occupied the whole of my Sunday. If you didn't read last weeks post, what im rambling or about to begin on is a once a year event done by Tony Roma's to celebrate America's Independence day every 4th of July by throwing a buffet.

As advertised it did feature pretty much their greatest hits in their menu with a delectable spread of beef ribs, chicken wings, hot dogs, onion rings, beef patties and other stuff which i probably didnt bother eating. It was a sure sign to divert away any vegetarians though.

Total Carnage Trophy yo!
So was it worth the Rm 80 i paid? Thats a tough question for me as i pretty much filled myself up with a constant cycle of beef ribs, beer and ice cream. And one more plus point would be cheap, very cheap draft Carlsberg beer at Rm 1 half a pint. So like typical asians i lapped up enough ribs to cover up my cost that i paid and then a little more.

Cheap Booze for the day.
The short fall of this buffet was the lack of variety in my opinion. Particularly what everybody was there for, their ribs lacked variety of flavour like they normally do on their menu. And the consistency of each rib different in quite a vast amount with some being a little too carcinogenic from another. Probably due to the decrease of grilling quality as a result of a great demand for it.

Following the habits of a typical asian, we stuffed ourselves full of ribs and meat till we were neck deep in a crazy mixture of a meat mania and were just stoned sitting down refusing to leave our comfy seats we ended up playing card games.

misses cheap beer.
So next year another round? Hmm thanks but no thanks not on my tab anyways. Did enjoy the cheap draft beer though. So how was your sunday?


Nava.K said...

The best for me is the onions rings at this place.

Huai Bin said...

Heh! I love the photo of that tower of ribs that has been eaten. :)

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