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It was  only until some time last week i learned the true and honest flavour of authentic tex-mex food. So what is tex-mex food exactly? Pretty much a heavy two way diffusion between mexican and american food  which is attributed by their close proximity to one another you might think. But it so much more i'd warn you, so much more intertwined than collection of Galaxies of Star Wars. And for those thinking doesn't Chilli's serve that genre of food. Let me tell you honestly no. Shudder in disbelief but the following items might change your mind.

Frontera's a quaint restaurant which settles you down to a relaxed mood from the very first moments you take your seat.
Horny Magaritas

Margarita's an ever so cliched mexican cocktail but here its done the right way. Using proper Agave Tequila giving it a proper kick after you've passed the slightly sweet and sour layers of flavour.

Fajita Quesadillas was truly fun to eat. Chowing my way through its crispy tortilla layer into a collage of flavours form chunks of grilled chicken, onion and bell peppers. And not forgetting the important guacamole sauce to give the dish a cooling edge.

Chilli Con Carne done the way i have always hoped it would have hoped for it to be. No beans, strong flavour of jalapeno, onions and garlic and chunks of beef. This dish gives a good enough reason for me to return for another visit.

Chimichanga, the log like structure filled with either beef/chicken chunks (shreds or mince in the menu but im guessing things are a little different in Texas) coated with cheese wrapped around in pastry then deep fried. Finally topped with lots of tomato paste and liquid cheese. Large enough to give you meat sweats.

Enchiladas. My first time trying this dish which has similar components of rice and beans as the chimichanga but with the variation of its centre piece. Beneath the swamp of tomato paste sauce and liquid cheese rests a corn tortilla wrapped around chunks of beef. Absolutely loved the mixture of flavours in this dish as a whole.

Tacos with fish filling. A typical form of mexican street food which varies in its fillings and done very well in this case.

Sizziling Fajita's, simple dish of corn tortilla's with chicken strips. Oh this was definetly sizzling alright.

Since margaritas were on at 2 for the price of one, soon the ethanol began taking over the table topic.

Have you ever tried covering one eye and grabbing an object in front of you? Covering one eye actually results in a monocular vision reducing your depth perception hence distance estimation of objects in front of you actually becomes clouded.

If your into this genre of food or willing to try head down to Frontera's avoid Chilli's at ALL costs. My tastebuds were blown to ground zero after that dinner with its bold and strong flavours. Writing this posts gave me a learning experience of reading up on Mexican cuisine and i was impressed with its rich history  between crossovers during the Spanish invasion and its roots tracing to Mayan times. Avoid Chilli's at ALL costs and head down to Frontera's if your up for this genre of food or just curious about it.


Frontera Bar & Grill
18-G-2, Block L,
Palm Square Jaya One,
No. 72A, Jalan Universiti,
Petaling Jaya


Nava.K said...

Been to this place a couple of times, not too bad depending on what is ordered to be eaten.

Ramesh V said...


Thanks for the post!

Ramesh V

Brian said...

@nava: yea its pretty reasonable too.

@ramesh: your welcome =)

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