Angry Birds invades KL!

Chances if your and owner of an iphone or any major android phone you'd probably have this app downloaded into your phone. And if so, chances is that you have actually spent time cracking your head trying to pass every level wondering how can i get that last pig down? As simple as most revolutionary games like tetris and pac man in the past, its easy to dub angry birds as the pac man or tetris of the 21-st century. Its success lies in its numbers being a constant favourite in the itunes app store with over 12 million copies sold since its launch in december 2009. Thats a mind boggling number for a simple game involving hurling different coloured birds across the screen to hit pigs on the other side.

Simple yet addictive game play

Malaysia is no exception from this phenomenon when Nokia organized the worlds largest angry birds playground in Low Yat KL in cooperation with the games developers Rovio Mobile.

The whole idea of this playground was to set the Guinness World Records for the most people playing in a mobile phone game relay. I was watching this event from the spaces of facebook and the buzz was really growing on the social networking spaces as the date drew closer. So i pulled together some of my fun-loving friends for a good day out in Low Yat and to do our part in putting our country in the Guinness Book of Records and also to avoid us rotting like a bad sandwich under a hot sun.
We arrived at 12 pm just one hour into the event and everything seemed to have already warmed up and was running like a well oiled machine. So we headed down to registration. It wasnt much of a wait since a few of us pre-registered on Nokia's website.

There was a whole lot of activities going on from graffiti painting, face painting, angry birds show down  (more of that later), goodies give away, and even a reverse bungee contraption setup in the centre of the street.
Graffiti art
Since it was still hungry and our feeding bells were ringing we headed down to Lot 10's Hutong for lunch first.
When we came back the crowd doubled in size and the excitement in the air grew ten fold.

The super cool reverse bungee contraption. It was open to the public for free if you'd register to participate in this event. I went back in slight regret that i didnt try it out damn!

Free popcorn and cotton candy!

Love the candid shot here.
After a whole lot of mucking around and enjoying the vibe of the crowd we decided to get down to business and do our part in setting a world record. Though im not too entirely sure if Malaysia is even on the map of World records but this might be the first. Not the most intellectual of achievements i must point out.
World Record setting moment.

It was a little embarrassing when i missed my first bird on the free version level one. Gamer FAILED!

Yes i was that excited. Dont judge me!

Angry birds attempting to break dance? thats a sight you dont see every day.
I recalled watching a video by t-mobile of an angry bird game play setup in real life and was actually hoping to be able to see such a feat recreated again but Nokia did it too but on a smaller scale tho.

Natalie from

The angry birds addiction know no boundaries regardless of age, sex, race and religion much like food really.
Reemphasizing my point again. Not too sure if they were here for the event or was just on the way to Sungei Wang.

Check out the rad hairdo!

Nokia was show casing their E700. Its a pretty cool phone on the hand and has as many speakers as a heavily modified car.

More mucking around after that.
The near completed art piece.

In the name of productivity we decided to make sure that we would go home with more goodies and entered ourselves into an hourly angry birds showdown with the grand prize of a nokia E-700. But as fate decided, i didnt manage to get in as there was only 32 people selected out of the bunch but 2 of my mates did get in. They failed miserable by the way walking back with a miserable notebook.

So i tried my luck else where and burrowed my way through the crowd in the main stage. They were dishing out angry birds merchandise like confetti in a wedding so i knew my chances were much better there.

Oh yes and it did pay off with me walking away with an official event day t-shirt! =D
Nice angry bird love bite there.
We left around 4 pm as the weather was starting to turn bad but that didn't stop the crowd from pouring in.

Thanks Nokia for organising such an awesome event!

Check out my Swag yo!


ken said...

people in bird costumes somemore.. haha.. too bad didnt make it :)

~KLaRraPaRiS~ said...

wow, seems so much fun ^.^

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