I ate: Uncle Lim Fish ball Noodles

Going out looking for food usually involves me pulling along a friend with a car to drive me and the gang around since i do not own a car here in KL. But this doesn't make me oblivious to my surroundings. And its usually the scenario where its a person like me approximately 978km away from my home town giving the directions. I noticed this traditional looking coffeeshop filled with customers and tables spilling out of its main area one saturday afternoon on the way to Midvalley via Old Klang Road.

So i came back did a little bit of google magic and discovered this small honest coffeeshop has already made its name big time in the KL food scene with branches in Midvalley and association with Grandmama's at Pavilion.

Unlike most traditional coffeeshops this one specializes in only fish balls and its close variations. So that was what i ordered. Every order entitles you to a taste of 3 fish balls, 1 fish paste wrapped in dried tofu skin and 1 yu kau(fish dumplings). The only variation for this being a soup base or dry and large or small.

It was only natural to follow my penchant for noodles in soup so that was what i ordered and it surely didnt disappoint. The fish balls had a nice succulent crunch factor which in this modern day factory made fish balls becomes and accepted norm is a great relief to find. And i cant say that i had yu kau before but i really did like its slightly chewy skin and meaty fish fillings. The soup itself was worth commenting with a strong fish stock flavour making the whole bowl a delight to devour.

The dry variation was drizzled in soy sauce and sesame oil giving an otherwise plain noodle a friendly roasted and fragrant scent.

So if your looking for a good place to educate your taste buds with some proper home made fish balls Uncle Lim will undoubtedly show you a good time. Cause once you've had the real thing its hard to go back to the artificially flavoured, bleached as white as Simon Cowell's teeth and food stabilizer cocoction balls which processed food companies call fish balls.


Kedai Kopi Song Wan
No 38, Jalan Sepadu,
Batu 5, Taman United,
Jalan Kelang Lama, 58200 KL


shindosai said...

hey, thats look tasty..:D

ken said...

at this hour of the day, this makes me crave for more breakfast :/

Brian said...

@shindosai: yes it is!
@ken: go out and get it!

Thristhan said...

That looks tempting :)

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