Nando's delivery to the rescue!

Exam period is probably every students strikes as hours of peril not just personal health of sleep but diet as well. Some people walk down the dangerous path of binge eating but i turn the other direction and end up skipping meals. Not deliberately but because eating would demotes itself to a lower priority apart from cramming that extra information into my cranial cavity which by all means is already saturated with information vital for exams.

And so the vicious cycle of canned food, packed, processed food comes in full swing, basically food hell unleashing its worst into our mouth. So study breaks before exams is when i cynically say that i cryogenically freeze my taste buds as to preserve its sanctity. If it isn't the unhealthy streak of canned and processed food then its the usual run of delivered fast food. Mc Evil Donalds, Dominos, Pizza hut and you name it.

Peri for 1

Probably the only saving grace from the range of deliveries would be Nando's. Quite some time ago their delivery range dawned the name of Peri-Peri medic. Which in this context couldn't be more appropriate. "Call the medic to resuscitate my taste buds stat!"

So a peri for 1 which i ordered come as a standard of nando's 1/4 chicken, 2 side dishes, 1 peri wedges and the accompanying creamy peri dip and a 500ml beverage. I chose the recommended Mediterranean rice and grilled vegetables as my side dishes.
As far as my resuscitated tastebuds could tell, there was some form of crossing over in terms of taste between the 2 side dishes here. The grilled vegetables was nice and succulent with a very strong Mediterranean influence which consists of lots of chopped onions, carrots, wild mushrooms, courgettes, and bell peppers. Where as the rice has a strong hint of taste which originated from Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup.

Check out the huge spread!

This is quite some defibrillator pack powerful enough to awaken any taste bud in a 1000year cryogenation. I ordered my chicken Hot but it wasnt as spicy as i was expecting it to be though. But the peri wedges and its accompanying dip rocked my socks.

So if your taste buds need some form of rude awakening after the constant stream of evil processed food, just call nando's! Probably the only restriction for this effective life saver would be its price. I paid RM 29 for this, not exactly student budget friendly. Check out their menu here.


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