I ate: Fatty Duck @ Restaurant Okay

If it isnt roasted then its stewed such is the fate of most of our ducks here in Malaysia. Probably attributed to the fact that most prominent chinese dishes sold are mainly influenced by the Cantonese and Teochew clan respectively. And i totally respect what they do in that being half teochew myself.

I discovered this place when i was down in Ss2's Chow Yang area for KAYU and promised to return. So i did just that when i was somehow running out of ideas for places to hit for dinner(since they only open for the dinner crowd).

Ordering was such a joy with the amount of choices of side dishes your able to choose from. Tofu, braised duck intestine, hard boiled duck egg, hot and sour vegetables, braised peanuts, braised mushrooms and  a few others.

Since there was 8 of us we did order quite a lot of food enough to go around. The spread laid out before us and sitting around a round table for dinner reminded me of family reunion dinners during special occasions like Chinese New Year.

The huge plate of duck( we ordered a whole duck) added to that sense of familiarity. Taste wise it reminded me of how my grandma use to do it. Redolent of herbs, and the lean yet soft texture of a well braised duck went down well with all of us. We even had first timers of this variation passing good comments.

Side dishes were pretty decent with the duck intestines carrying a strong herb flavour and a nice bit of crunch of it. The hot and sour vegetable in my opinion could have been a little more sour then it would set my rockets off.

Overall a good place for dinner if your looking for something cheap and tastes double its price. This was what happen when medical students get bored at the dinner table with a few of the uneaten parts of the duck left on the plate.
Few of my mates playing Mr Surgeon.

And they weren't really following the game either. To end their small charade i finished off the remaining bits on the plate. LOL.


2, Jalan SS2/10,
Petaling Jaya


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