Discovering my own Back yard.

Ever had the feeling of people coming up to you or a topic arises in your daily conversations with your friends about your hometown and few moments later you'd raise an eyebrow and try not too look so puzzled when visitors to your hometown actually know more than you do? Well if you have been reading this and nodded sagely to the previous statement i know how you feel.

To me Kuching has been the place where i wad born and bred. The place where during my 20 over years stay has seen much development from one fast food chain to an uncontrollable proliferation of this scab all over my home town. To think of the very idea of coming over to Kuching would be shunted by a person like me, diverting all possible thoughts of a proper holiday destination to a place like Bali. Honestly there isnt really much to see here. Just a small town(well in my mind at least) growing at a very steady rate. 

Few weeks ago a number of my relatives came down to Kuching in conjunction of Rainforest World Music festival. The one only good reason to visit Kuching for a holiday if your into folk music of different cultures.

So i got to play tour guide along with my parents and guess what the magical thing about this "job" like many others, you actually learn along the way. I did, i learned about this supposed temple on top of a hill overlooking the mouth of the Rajang river, Sarawak's main artery of transportation to the interior( and still is till this day). Build in the late 1800's as a place for fishermen's families to pay respects to Gods before and after going out to sea asking for a bountiful catch and a safe return home. It does remind me of Kek lok Si in Penang.

Located in a small fishing village called Muara Tebas. You get a familiar sense of old times when you first arrive in this kampung. Families living off the catch from the ocean as fishermen and have been doing that for many generations. 

Another unique sight to behold would be the existence of true racial harmony. You have an iban chap handing you your jawsticks and another old Malay woman reading your 'fortune' off a reading stick. 1Malaysia much?

Being so close to the sea there's the ubiquitous seafood fresh off the hook. And for a pretty reasonable price as well.

Gah! cant go on typing away any longer without addressing the elephant in the room. Yea! i havent been blogging for four weeks now been pretty busy with saving the world from prehistoric alien tech robots coming to earth from the moon, filming an alien sighting with an old film camera, being adorned one random night as the guardian of earth by some ugly green red faced being which crash landed on earth in a complicated glass jar and saving the princess of a rebellion from the reins of Jabba the Hut in Tatooine. Yeah yeah all the excuses but one things for sure the play button has been resumed on blogging. But a busy semester ahead and my final exams comin up. 


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