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There's lots of excitement brewing in the air of social networking recently with particular focus on Google's latest brain child simply name Google +. I wont say its a total revelation or revolutionary but more of an evoultion of social network giants Facebook with a simpler and tidier interface.

Im still figuring my way around things but i cant really see its full potential since its rather quiet at the moment with only a few of my friends using it as well. Cant imagine the excitement when its implemented in full fledge.

So is this going to be another cheap ass rip off of facebook? That would be an understatement. Its like saying is an orange the cousin of an apple going through puberty with its pus faced coloration and rough acne skin?

For now i'll probably see how things play out to be and hopefully google tweaks its interface further for easier usage. If your looking for an invite just leave your email address in the comments box below and i'll get back to you as soon as possible.


Huai Bin said...

Oh Google+ is back again? I got an invite but didn't activate it in time. I shall check it out too. Cheers bro! :)

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