For followers of this blog the major difference upon landing on this blog would be the change in template. Nothing really shocking, just a change in colour. Not too sure of it either but a good change is the centre column where the words are are now in white. So with the contrasting dark background it actually brings a closer focus to the words as well as the content. (well thats the whole idea behind it anyways)
But anyways still gotta tidy up the labels column which is currently is in a state of total chaotic disastrous mess of melted words heaped up with many letters.

I should be blogging more regularly i know that and i have a calling for that but circumstances in these few months dont allow me to do so. Erm im thinking its gonna take a while before the facelift is completed or it might just be scrapped. I have a few ideas in mind but just got to find the right mood and frame of mind to get down to it. And now im currently very very short of that.

Well if you like the old look drop me a comment, and if you are willing to design a template or have any ideas just drop me a comment.


Huai Bin said...

It looks way better now bro! It's more subtle and elegant compared to the bright red header last time. :)

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