Oh man super psyched right now! Finally done something that i have been putting off for a very long time which was to get myself a proper pair of sneakers. But even on the look out i always wanted something that represented youth and personality which is exactly what sneakers were designed for in the first place. And finally it came when adidas originals launched the Star wars range.

Small information here, I have been the a star wars fan boy close enough to be called a geek since the remastered version was launched in my early childhood, 1994.

 Even the box has the 3 signature stripes in chrome with a background resembling the darkness of the galaxy and pictures of The millenium falcon, tie fighter, death star and the AT&T fighter. -geek alert-!!!

May the force be with you!
Got this pair of kicks from adidas original lot 10. I have actually been eyeing this particular pair of sneakers for quite some time now. I actually first heard about it from timothy's blog. When Star Wars and Adidas made the collaboration i knew i had to jump on board. It may come off as a little bit cliched but its a lethal combo of classic adidas design which i always admired and my unbridle passion for Star wars.

 Owhh mannn geek climax approaching, Packaging with the same design as the sneaker itself. Black cameo and Hugeeee rebel alliance logo.

Oh the beauty!
 The inner sole is fashioned after the rebel's alliance x-wing fighters uniform of fluorescence orange. Neat! and the Tongue says Rogue Squadron.

Super cool logo, if ur geeky enough you'd be able to recognise this as Luke Skywalkers logo on his helmet.

A perfect fit. Much like cinderella's glass stilettos. Hehe its simple things like this that keeps me sane.


Huai Bin said...

Damn bro, that's an awesome pair of sneakers. I am a huge Star Wars fan too, how much was it mate?

Brian said...

haha high 5! got it for rm 360

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