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Hmmm i cant really recall if i had ever posted an academically related post. To me this blog has always been a refuge from the hours outside my academic life of medical sciences. Seeing how high the pressure that im actually facing right now its no surprise that the following topic managed to creep into my blogging life as well. But rest assured it wont be me talking about anatomy or strangely rare and bizarre diseases but hard hitting issues that affects a significant amount of people in our society.

In this day and age like it or not looks and appearance of a person plays a major role in making the first impression to anyone. Yea yea as the proverb goes dont judge the book by its cover but how many of us are able to live and breathe by those exact words constantly. But anyways my brother recommended to me recently a television program in UK's channel 4 called Embarrassing Bodies.

As crude and rude as it might sound. It documents all the strange cases involving rather embarrassing issues like men with abnormally large breast, general appearance defects, and a recurring problem being issues with the "gentleman's special area" if you catch my riff. But one of the true credibility of UK's reality tele is that all these patients are real. The doctors involved in this program are genuine British Trained doctors which i hope to one day fall into the same ranks as.

As a medical student i can thoroughly assure you that the doctors are very very professional and that is probably one of the main reasons why im watching this program not for the cases but for the way the doctors talk and establish a rapport with their patients as well as the diagnostic test and procedures carried out is done in the same manner as i was trained to.

I'd swear at this point in time if i had to handle a male patient which came to me with abnormally large breasts or a women with a large vagina as serious as i might sound i would probably subconsciously throw in a smile.

*p.s the above condition is called pectus excavatum where the chest wall is slightly cave in. And admittedly i do have a small degree of pectus excavatum which becomes noticeable when im wearing a tight t-shirt. I never noticed it until i was college and someone commented on it. Naturally the comment coming from a girl made it especially embarrassing.

And one of the best things of this program is that it touches on issues that would usually be clouded by male ego and pride which is in regard to penis size and length.
Im sure as Asians we are particularly reserved when we have to talk about 'defects' about our physical looks but to me its one of the toughest thing to get a patient to open up to. Even if its in the best interest of our patients that this may have certain pathological implications.

For girls you have to admit the male doctor here is ridiculously good looking.

But one of the true highlights of this program is to me apart from the health awareness, the ability of the physician to get their patients to open up and touch on such a sensitive issue is to show the treatments and different medically related avenues that can be carried out to solve problems of such nature.

If your interested and convinced by my pitch here the link for a full episode has been listed below.

Megavideo (click here)


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Buried penis sounds quite horrifying bro. :x

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